Buying a Second-Hand Mobile Phone

Buying a second-hand mobile phone on Gumtree is ideal for conscious consumers who love to find what they need at a great price. That being said, it's important to be aware of possible scams when shopping for used smartphones online. .

Buying a secon-hand phone

Here’s a short guide to buying a second-hand phone on Gumtree

Supported features

There are plenty of options when it comes to mobile phones and you don’t necessarily have to choose the most up to date model. However, it’s a good idea when buying a smartphone to check whether or not it’s still supported by the manufacturer so that it will continue to receive security updates and new features. This is something you can usually check on the manufacturer’s website.

Checking for potential claims

It’s easy to get carried away if you find a bargain. So it’s well worth taking the time to do some research so you know what you’re getting. To make sure the phone hasn’t been reported lost, stolen or had an insurance claim filed against it, you can check its status using the phone’s IMEI number through free online checkers. To find your IMEI number, simply dial *#06# from the device and the number will be displayed on the screen. The number can also normally be found on in your device Settings. Alteratively look on the box the device came in and the SIM tray.

Giving the phone a once over

Once you’re in a position to meet the buyer, it is important to inspect the mobile thoroughly. It’s easy to forget this step or be rushed by the seller but you should take your time. No matter how genuine the exchange seems to be, the mobile could have issues unknown by the seller. You’re right to make up your own mind.

Before using your second-hand mobile

When the purchase has been made, it’s important to erase any personal data that may still be on the phone. This is done through a ‘factory reset’ usually found in the phone’s settings. If unsure, you can check how this done for your particular model by doing a quick search online or through the manufacturer’s website. The reset will remove any personal data left on the mobile such as contacts, messages, passwords and browsing history. For further details about using second-hand devices, you can refer to the National Cyber Security Centre’s guidance.

Once your phone is ready to use, it’s necessary to set up your own security features including a pin, password or fingerprint lock. Turning on automatic updates so that it remains protected against potential viruses is also important.

Following these few simple steps can take the stress out of buying a mobile phone on Gumtree. They will also provide the best experience shopping second hand.