Notice Takedown Scheme

If you've come across a Gumtree ad that violates your intellectual property rights, such as a copyright or trademark you own, we can help. We operate a comprehensive programme that enables rights and intellectual property holders to report infringing content to us. We then work to remove the ad and eliminate the content from Gumtree.

More than 450 companies are part of our Notice of Infringement Programme. The programme allows companies to notify Gumtree of infringements on their intellectual property rights. When a programme member reports an ad, we’ll remove it in good faith, We will also inform the ad poster of the reason for the removal. If the poster wishes to dispute the issue, they need to contact the programme member directly.

Intellectual property rights infringements can include:

  • Counterfeit products that violate trademarks
  • Unlawful use of trademarks
  • Unlawful use of copyrighted images and text
  • Infringements of valid patents

Organisations that want to sign up to the programme or notify us of an ad that infringes on their property rights simply need to fill in the relevant details on a Notice of Claimed Copyright Infringement (NOCI) form and send it to Gumtree. Complete the form with details of the intellectual property owner. In addition, include the ad that infringes on intellectual property rights and a reason code to explain the infringement.

The information that we request on the NOCI form helps us identify you, or your legal representative, as the entitled party. We also need to be able to identify the specific ad that you are requesting to be removed.

The form should then be emailed to our team at In accordance with applicable laws, we may share the completed Notice of Claimed Infringement Form with the third party that posted the ad. Once we’ve received your NOCI form with all the required information, you can then send any further takedown requests to the email address provided on the form.