Gumtree is dedicated to protecting users' privacy and personal information. We follow strict laws and regulations that set out how we can collect and store users' data, plus how users can request access to and deletion of the information we hold about them.


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Our GDPR policies determine how we collect personal information from our users and how we keep that information safe. GDPR is an abbreviation of General Data Protection Regulation. It is a legal regulation that determines the collection and usage of information from people living in the European Union (EU). It addresses data protection and privacy. GDPR gives people the right to ask companies and organisations to remove personal information from their systems.

To support GDPR requirements, Gumtree analyses and reports personal information from the time it is collected until its deletion. Once personal data is no longer needed, it is securely disposed of in line with our data retention and deletion policies. You can access, modify and delete your personal information by viewing your Gumtree account profile and heading to the My Details page. Here, you can edit your information or deactivate your account.

Submitting a SAR (Subject Access Request)

A SAR (subject access request) allows individuals to request the information held about them under Article 15 of the UK GDPR. In most cases, you will find the personal information that Gumtree holds by viewing your account profile. If you would like a copy of the information that Gumtree holds about you, you can also submit a formal SAR to the customer service team. The process will usually take less than one month. However, if the request is complex, the team may get in touch to extend the time frame by up to two months.

Your data will be provided to you in a machine-readable format. You can ask us to modify or update incorrect information. You can also request that we stop processing some or all of your personal information. Please be aware that this may prevent you from being able to use our services or customer support. In some cases, we may withhold access to or decline to modify information in accordance with national laws.

Submitting a DDR (Data Deletion Request)

Users’ accounts are closed and their personal information will be deleted after a period of activity. However, you can submit a formal DDR (data deletion request) by contacting the customer service team. Your information will be securely disposed of and your account will be closed. You can submit requests on behalf of deceased family members. However, you will need to provide a death certificate to act on their behalf.