Accessing and Controlling your Data

Here at Gumtree, we store a small amount of information about each of our users to help us provide the best possible service and experience. We've put together this guide to keep you in the know about what data we have and how you can stay in control of it.

Accessing and controlling your data

Want to know more about accessing and controlling your data held by Gumtree? We outline all you need to know below.

What information do we have about you?

You have the right to know what personal information we have stored about you. Your stored information may be made up of:

  • Anything you’ve told us when creating an account or advert on Gumtree.
  • Details you’ve entered into one of our webforms, e.g. when accessing customer support.
  • Other content related to our services, such as your Saved Searches.

If you want to check what information we have, you can request it via our customer support team. This is a Subject Access Request (SAR). We’ll provide you with a copy of all of the information we hold about you in a format that’s structured, commonly used, and readable by machine. This means that you can check it over yourself, or use computer-based tools such as search to see what’s there.

How can I update this information?

If the information we have about you is out-of-date or incomplete, you can ask us to update it. To find out how to update your email address or password, head to our technical issues page. A guide on editing the information in any adverts you currently have on Gumtree can be found in our helpdesk. To update any other information, please get in touch with our customer support team.

Can you delete the information?

Firstly, it’s your legal right to object to us processing your personal information. If you would like to restrict how we use your information, or for it to be deleted, you can get in touch with our customer support team to make a Data Deletion Request (DDR). However, your right to control the data we hold and how we use it is determined by a number of laws, depending on what sort of information it is. Last to note, deleting or restricting the data we have may affect your access to some of our services.

Now you know about accessing and controlling your data, why not read more of our safety advice.