Gumtree UK Transparency Report 2021

The inaugural annual Gumtree Transparency report is a testament of our commitment to our community – our users and partners. At Gumtree’s core are the local communities of sellers and buyers that use our platform every day.

We have 1.9 million listings live on our platform at any given time. But we know that beneath that figure are countless smaller communities, who support each other to make Good Finds Happen in a way that is affordable and sustainable. We take our responsibility to these communities extremely seriously. This is why we have published the 2021 Transparency Report.

Through our report, we hope to reassure our users and partners that we offer best in class online protection. There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our users. We take a three pillar approach to help people stay safe while using our platform. First we deter bad actors, we promote positive user behaviour and strive to be best in class.

By publishing this data and insights every year, users can see exactly how we invest in our platform to mitigate and prevent threats. It also holds us accountable for ensuring that users can have an enjoyable and safe experience on Gumtree. The annual transparency report will build on our Trust and Safety Report. This report sets out our vision for a safer online environment, making sure we exemplify best practice in this area on Gumtree. Here readers can see our proactive approach and investment to combatting threats on our site.

How does Gumtree protect its users?

As outlined in the 2021 Transparency Report, we removed 3.99% of listings that did not comply with our mission to create a safe online community. The majority of these listings being removed before they made it to the platform. We also listen directly to our users through our Help Desk, which collaborates with law enforcement where necessary to ensure investigations are dealt with promptly. We continually update our policies to adapt to the ever-evolving harms landscape. In recent years, this has involved removing nitrous oxide and whipped cream charges due to their growing misuse, and PPE during the pandemic to stop those looking to profiteer off essential goods.

Click below to find out more about what we have been doing to safeguard our community in the last year.