How Much Should I Pay for Second-Hand Gym Equipment?

Buying second-hand gym equipment is the first step to exercising on your own terms – work out whenever you like, kiss goodbye to that gym commute and never have to listen to music other than your own. How does that sound? But how much should fitness equipment cost? You can save money, especially on larger pieces, such as exercise bikes and treadmills, but, you'll want to make sure you get a well functioning product. Below, we take a look at the average prices of the most popular fitness equipment.

Is it worth buying your own gym equipment

Is it worth buying your own gym equipment?

For many, the one-time investment of buying your own gym equipment is much more appealing than a recurring fee for a gym pass. And while you may prefer to work out in person with an instructor or like the excuse to leave home, lots of home workout gear is portable so you can simply take it with you. Equally, if you don’t get good use out of your gym equipment, it could mean it’s time to sell it on Gumtree to make someone else’s day.

Try before you buy

When shopping for used fitness equipment, it’s generally a good idea to pick pieces you know you like and have used before at a gym or class. One distinct advantage of buying second-hand when branching out is you can save yourself a big investment if you find an activity you like more. We recommend watching plenty of tutorials and reading instructions in advance if you do try something new so you know how to use any equipment safely.

Check the original price and pick your brand

Your first port of call before you buy something second-hand is always to check the price new, so you don’t accidentally overpay. Once you know the original price, you’ll be in a better position to understand people’s pricing strategy on Gumtree – not to mention better equipped to spot a Good Find!

Check for excessive wear and tear

Check for excessive wear and tear on gym equipment

Finally, it’s a sensible idea to check the photos and descriptions carefully for excessive wear and tear. While weights don’t need to look shiny and new, you don’t want to accidentally purchase a poorly functioning static bike or treadmill. We’ve got lots of handy safety guides on purchasing good-quality items on Gumtree that you can read through for extra tips.

How Much Should I Pay for Second-Hand Gym Equipment

How much should you pay for dumbbells?

A small set of dumbbells or kettlebells sometimes starts as low as £10 and ranges up to over £100 for a high-quality interchangeable set from a reputable brand. Hex dumbbells start around £10, going up to £100 for a set of like-new options. Not sure which is the better option for you? The main advantage of hex dumbbells is that they don’t roll, which could be annoying if your floor slopes.

Top tip: if you’re going to buy hex dumbbells, go for rubberised ones that won’t damage your floor or have their paint flake off.

It’s worth bearing in mind that some sets of weights come with extras like a handy rack for storage. These might be priced a little above others without accessories, but people do also sometimes offer old gym equipment like weights for free on Gumtree if they’re clearing a house, for instance.

How much does a used exercise bike cost?

Older models of upright exercise bike with a simple display and one dial for resistance can go for under £100 – sometimes even for free if the seller is really keen to clear out some space. If you’re looking for a particular brand, like a Life Fitness, Wattbike or Peloton bike, you can find them in excellent condition, for around £1000.

How much should you pay for bigger gym equipment items?

On Gumtree, larger gym pieces such as multi-gyms, can go for as little as £40-50 ranging up to £1000 for equipment. Power towers range from £40 up to £100, and weight benches are very similar. Machines that work your arms and legs with presses and a weight tower go from the low £100s up to just under £1000.

Elliptical trainers vary greatly, from simple under-desk pedals (for around £20) to no-frills basic ellipticals for less than £50. More expensive models with pre-set options and resistance levels can cost several hundred, while newer models from top-of-the-range brands like NordicTrack, Life Fitness and Proform are in the upper £100s to £1000.

Cross trainers follow a similar pattern, starting at well under £100 and going up to the high £100s. A high-quality indoor rowing machine that might well suit a pro-rower can go for around £900, while you can collect a simpler model for £15–20.

What is a good price for a second-hand treadmill?

Basic second-hand treadmills and older models usually go for under £100. Newer models with more stats and better settings are usually several hundred pounds but don’t usually cost more than £500 unless you’re looking at a top-of-the-range option that’s barely used.

Got motivated to buy some second-hand fitness equipment? Now all you need is to read our guide on how to store your gym pieces and check you have all the essentials for storing your setup.