Upgrading Your Tech? Increase Your Budget by Selling Old Electronics

Fancy upgrading your tech? From mobiles to e-readers, selling old electronics is a handy way to get rid of your unwanted consoles and make a little extra money. We've taken a look at how to sell electrical goods for cash, as well as the best ways to advertise laptops. Read on to learn more.

Upgrading Your Tech Increase Your Budget by Selling Old Electronics

What’s the best way to sell my old electronics?

Selling your used electronics online is the quickest and easiest way to go. You can list your unwanted tech right here with us on Gumtree. Not only is it completely free but it’ll only take you a few minutes to get your item posted and live on our marketplace. To get a buyer’s attention, it’s a good idea to take decent quality photos of your Chromebook, Xbox One or iPhone. The best way of being upfront about any superficial damage is by taking photos of any scratches or dents etc. It can also help to add as much information as you can about the model in the info section of your listing. When it comes to pricing, that’s completely up to you. If you’re not sure where to start, our How to Price Your Items guide has some handy tips.

What's the best way to sell my old electronics

Does anyone pay for old electronics?

Whether looking to bag a bargain or find a vintage gem, there are plenty of people willing to pay out for your old electronics. While you could recycle your unwanted tech, selling it on is also an eco-friendly way to go. It’s a great way to give a second life to items that still work well. Plus, listing items is a handy way to declutter while making some extra cash. It’s worth taking a look through your cupboards and digging out your unused devices, as you can pretty much sell any electronics for money.

While some websites focus just on phones, on Gumtree you can list anything you have from kindles and iPods to GoPros and Bluetooth speakers. In fact, our marketplace with millions of customers is filled with all kinds of pre-loved Good Finds. Not sure where to start? To help you get yours listed, check out the top tips in our guide to selling on Gumtree.

How much is my laptop worth

How much is my laptop worth?

If you’ve ever wondered how much your old laptop is worth, you might be pleasantly surprised. On average you could get around £165 when you sell. This can vary depending on model, storage and, of course, condition. According to the UK-wide campaign Recycle Your Electricals, there are an estimated 31 million unused laptops just left to gather dust in our homes. So if you think you might have one tucked away, it could be a great time to dig it out. Who knows – if you’re looking to upgrade you could make some cash towards a replacement.

One of the easiest ways to find out the value of your laptop is to do a little research into what other people are selling theirs for on Gumtree. If you take a glance through our laptop category before you list, you can find out roughly what people might be willing to pay. Alternatively, if you’re after a quick sale, you might want to market your item competitively at a slightly lower price in the hope of getting more interest. While you’re at it, you can list more than just your laptop. Recycle Your Electricals estimates that each UK family home is sitting on a nice little cash mountain of over £600. So, while you’re at it, why not have a little look to see what your pre-loved e-readers or tablet could sell for, too?

What's the best way to sell my old electronics

How do I price old electronics?

As we touched on above, one of the easiest ways to work out how to price old electronics is to see how much similar devices are selling for already. On average, mobiles will fetch around £110, while games consoles tend to sell for about £125. It all depends on what you’re selling and whether it’s sought after in the second-hand market. Rare or vintage tech can sell to collectors for top prices, whereas if buyers have hundreds of PS4s to choose from, you might have to price yours a little lower than you’d hoped to gain interest.

After you’ve found out roughly what your electronics are worth or know how much you want to sell them for, you’re best to sell them yourself via Gumtree. This way you can have total control of the sale, so you can make sure to get the best price for your electrical goods. A common trick is to price your items a little higher than you’re willing to accept, which leaves room to haggle with your potential customers. Still feeling stumped? Browsing our guide on how to buy used tech on Gumtree might help you decide how you want to sell yours.

Upgrading Your Tech Increase Your Budget by Selling Old Electronics

How do I completely wipe my phone and permanently delete all data from my laptop?

Before saying goodbye to your old tech, one important step is completely wiping your phone or deleting all your data from your laptop. While someone finding a few awkward selfies in your phone’s gallery is a bit embarrassing, allowing someone access to your personal details or banking information is far more serious. Luckily, it’s pretty quick and simple to stop this from happening. The first step is to make sure your device is backed up, so you keep anything that you might want or need on another device or online storage.

To wipe your phone’s data, head into your settings and either search “reset” or look for “general phone management” (or similar). Here, you’ll likely have various reset options. The best means of completely wiping your data and downloads is to take your device back to factory settings. The advantage here is you don’t have to go through and delete anything beforehand (like the 2,745 photos of your dog) but it might give you peace of mind to log out of apps that have any card details or banking information.

When it comes to laptops, it’s a little bit more complex because they have a hard drive where your data is stored. The first step is to check the manufacturer’s website, as it will often have a step-by-step guide on how to complete a reset depending on the model. Alternatively, you could download software (often for free) that’s designed to securely delete memory and files. If you’re not quite comfortable doing this yourself, you can hire the help of a professional. There are various companies out there that can overwrite or destroy your data for you.

From valuing your products to listing them, our top tips in this guide will help you sell your old electronics for the best price. Upgrade with a Good Find from our playground of electrical goods, including TVs and games consoles.