This Week’s Good Finds: Paint, Patterns & Prints

Good Finds are springing up everywhere! This week we uncovered some fabulous items that could add patterns, prints and colour to your home.

marcus rashford

Garden & patio: a pair of funky sun loungers

Can you think of anything better than catching the evening sun’s rays with a cocktail or mocktail in hand on a cheery sun lounger? If not, you’re in luck. These furniture pieces have been well cared for and feature a bright flowery pattern in classic ’70s colours. You could position them on a balcony, patio or lawn to add an extra burst of colour to your outside space. If these have already found a spot in a garden, you can browse loads more sun loungers on Gumtree.

sun loungers

Home & furniture: 98 monochrome tiles

If you’ve been considering updating your kitchen or bathroom, these tiles couldn’t have arrived at a better time! The patchwork pattern makes the batik-style tiles eye-catching so they’re ideal for a feature wall or backsplash. You could even pop them around a fireplace or stove to create an incredible textured focal point. Have these already been snapped up? You might be surprised at the amount of fantastic tiles you can find on Gumtree.


Baby and kids’ stuff: a bundle of baby knitting patterns

This collection of almost 40 knitting patterns is an amazing Good Find for someone who took up knitting during lockdown. There are loads of brilliant baby outfits to choose from including knitted leggings, cardigans, hats and more. They’re a great excuse to grab the wool basket and get those needles clicking! If these patterns have found a new home, you can find a great selection of knitting patterns on Gumtree.


Sports & leisure: an original portrait of Marcus Rashford

Gumtree is a place where you can find unique items, often something you couldn’t have grabbed anywhere else. This is definitely true when it comes to artwork – just take this brilliant original piece featuring footballer Marcus Rashford. With proceeds from the sale of the painting being donated to food banks, it’s a Good Find for a very good cause. Don’t worry if this piece is already hanging on a wall, there’s a huge variety of paintings to explore on Gumtree.

marcus rashford

Bikes: an unmissable neon road bike

If it’s time to upgrade your bike, you might be looking for one that really stands out. With a custom paint job of neon pink and orange, there’s no chance of losing this single speed road bike among everyone else’s frames in the bike rack! This brilliant bike even has a matching bottle holder, valve caps, cable sleeves and grips to complete the look. Looking for something a bit more inconspicuous? You might find just what you’re after in the road bike listings on Gumtree.


Electronics: a heat press for T-shirts and more

Whether you’re thinking of taking up printing as a hobby or you have a small business, this clam heat press could be just what you need. The 15″ size helps you press large designs onto T-shirts, bags and more. The machine is clean, well-maintained and ready to help you get your designs out into the world for all to see. An illustration of a little green tree could be a fab idea… or have you seen that somewhere before? There’s no need for concern if this press is on its way to a buyer – there’s a great selection of heat presses on Gumtree.

t shirt press

Are you hunting for your own special item this week? Take a look on Gumtree and you might be amazed at what you come across!