This Week’s Good Finds: High Fashion from Head to Heel

Inspired by London Fashion Week and Secondhand September, this week's Good Finds have taken a stylish turn...

Christopher Kane Boots

Clothes, footwear & accessories: a Burberry Crush handbag

With London Fashion Week setting the next trends, now is a fantastic time to update your wardrobe with new-to-you fashion pieces. Gumtree can be a brilliant place to buy vintage or new items from some of the top fashion houses and designers – just take this gorgeous Burberry Crush handbag as an example. High-end pieces are designed to last and so can be passed down generations of fashionistas. If this one has already been snapped up, you can browse Gumtree for even more Burberry handbags.

burberry bag

Clothes, footwear & accessories: Christopher Kane boots

While the items on our platform tend to be pre-loved, that doesn’t always mean pre-worn, as these Christopher Kane leather high boots show (though how their previous owner resisted taking them for a spin, we don’t know). These boots are an absolute bargain compared to their original price, so they’re a Good Find for someone who loves to have high-fashion feet. If this pair is already treading across the tiles, there are lots more leather boots to look through on Gumtree.

Christopher Kane Boots

Clothes, footwear & accessories: a vintage Burberry coat

Vintage and retro designs are having a revival on the catwalk, but on Gumtree you can find the real deal. This Burberry wool and camel hair coat is in brilliant condition and the neutral camel colour makes it a must-have for autumn outfits. The coat’s label shows that it was made before Burberry re-branded in the late ’90s, making this a retro item that can be loved for years to come. If this coat is already completing an autumn fashion ensemble, there’s a fantastic collection of other Burberry pieces to be found on Gumtree.

burberry coat

Clothes, footwear & accessories: Crockett & Jones Coniston shoes

Crockett & Jones is a quintessentially British brand – it’s been around since 1879 and is known for creating hand-crafted leather footwear. If you’d like to get your hands (or feet) on a pair from a brand that’s made fashion history, you can’t go wrong with these tan scotch grain leather boots. They’re almost half the price of a new pair and have only been worn three times, so they’re in near-perfect condition. Plus, buying secondhand can have benefits for the environment as well as your pocket. We all know boots are made for walking, so if these ones have walked off already you’ll want to check out the other men’s leather boots available on Gumtree.


Clothes, footwear & accessories: a Vivienne Westwood T-shirt

A white Vivienne Westwood T-shirt is an easy-to-wear piece that adds a touch of high-fashion to outfits. But inexpensive plain T-shirts like these are also the perfect base for customisations that can make the item a stand-out statement piece. You could add patches and embroidery, or why not have a go at super-trendy tie-dying to create a unique look? You don’t have to stop there – there are lots of ways you can upcycle clothes to create new outfits. Don’t fret if you’re on the hunt for a slightly different style, you can take a look at the other Vivienne Westwood T-shirts on Gumtree.

t shirt

If you’re feeling inspired to update your wardrobe for the new season, there are masses of Good Finds to be had on Gumtree.