This Week’s Good Finds: Green in More Ways Than One

This week we spied some brilliantly green Good Finds on Gumtree, from eco-friendly items to ones that are simply, well, green.

foot stool for sale

Garden & patio: evergreen photinia plants

What’s big, green and tough? Oh, you were so close… it’s a hardy photinia plant, of course! These spectacular Red Robin plants have been grown on bamboo frames to create huge bushy shrubs that would look impressive in any garden. The best thing about them? New growth is bright red which looks amazing in spring. If these photinias are already putting down roots, you’ll find loads more evergreen plants on Gumtree.

Evergreen plants

Home & furniture: a vintage display cabinet

If you’ve caught the upcycling bug then you’ll know all about saving furniture from landfill and giving it a new lease of life. Whether this is your first project or your fifty-first, you might be able to visualise the potential in this big vintage glass cabinet. With a bit of a spruce up – we’re thinking a lick of bright paint and some mirror tiles at the back – this would make a super impressive gin cabinet. Invite us over for a G&T once you’ve finished, won’t you? If this one is already stocked up with bottles, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the selection of other glass display cabinets on Gumtree.

Home & furniture: a green footstool

Velvet is having a moment and when you take a look at this shimmering green footstool, you can certainly see why. The button top design and light wood feet make this practically new stool look sophisticated. It’s ideal for resting tired toes on or styling with a tray to create an on-trend coffee table – but this is one that you might want to keep the Hob Nobs off! If this one has been snapped up by a keen-eyed velvet enthusiast, there are lots of other footstools to browse through on Gumtree.

foot stool for sale

Baby and kids’ stuff: a cloth nappy bundle

Gumtree is a great place to look for accessories if you’re expecting and these cloth nappies are a Good Find in more ways than one. Unlike disposable nappies, they can be washed and reused again and again. Plus you can save loads of money by looking for secondhand bundles instead of buying them new. The bright, fun animal prints add some fun to the functionality of these pocket nappies. Looking for even more designs? You might be surprised at the selection of reusable nappies on Gumtree.

Electronics: a Sodastream Spirit

While we’re on the subject of cutting down on waste, our next Good Find offers a fantastic way to reduce the amount of plastic you buy. Making your own fizzy drinks at home means you can use reusable bottles instead of buying pop in new plastic ones. With loads of flavours from cola to kombucha on offer, you can make an impressive variety of drinks. Don’t worry if this bargain Sodastream has already been sold, there’s a big choice of drinks makers on Gumtree.

Soda stream

Sports & leisure: a beginner’s golf club set

This one’s a bit of a stretch but stay with us. This golf set with 12 clubs is a fantastic starter set that includes a range of woods, irons and a putter. It’s everything a novice golfer needs for the green… see what we did there? The collection of Dunlop and Donnay clubs comes with a stand bag but sadly there’s no mention of a free caddy in this listing. This set might already be on its way to a hole-in-one but you can check out the fab range of golf club sets on Gumtree.

Golf clubs for sale

If you’re hoping for a Good Find of your own this week, why not see what fantastic items jump out on Gumtree?