How to Price Your Items to Sell on Gumtree

Even if you've never uncovered a genuine Picasso in the attic, you've likely got some things that you need to decide on a price point for. If you're not sure how much your piece is worth, follow our useful tips to help you sell on Gumtree.

How to price your items for selling on Gumtree

Checking out other listings

Take stock of your items

Whether you’re selling a preloved antique lamp or a used car, it’s good to inspect your items thoroughly to check the condition and features.

Top tip: If your item has a brand or model number, this will help you track down similar items.

Look at other listings

One of the best things you can do is search for similar items and check out their price points on Gumtree. It’s more helpful to look at marketplace ads than the price of the item bought new. For antiques or handmade items, you might not be able to find something exactly the same, but you could look at a certain category and search for pieces in the same style, size or from the same era.

Read the descriptions

A listing’s description helps you understand the condition of the item. You can also get a feel for how other people write their ads – some will have a list of info, while others will write a paragraph. Listings with detailed information and clear, close-up photos usually get the most responses.

Find out what makes your item attractive

From reading ad descriptions, you’ll be able to work out what makes similar items most appealing. Are the highest-priced items the ones that are newest, in the best condition, biggest or have the most accessories? If your piece shares features with items that have high price points on Gumtree, you should highlight those features in your ad.

How do you choose your price point?

Set a reasonable price

Having done some research, you should have an idea of the target price for your item. It’s best to be honest with yourself about the condition and rarity of your piece. This will help you set a reasonable price that is fair for both you and potential buyers.

Consider whether you’ll take offers

Haggling is one of the joys of buying items from marketplaces, but as a seller, you might not be comfortable with it. If your price is final, you can add ‘no offers please’ to your ad description. If you’re open to negotiation, you could say ‘offers considered’ or ‘OBO’ (‘or best offer’).

Pad your price

If you’re open to offers, you might want to adjust your price to allow for a little wiggle room. Sellers who create listings with the highest price points on Gumtree for their type of item often expect buyers to haggle.

Top tip: Many buyers are happy with a discount of about 10%, but some will try for 20% or more. It’s best to decide in advance what’s the lowest price you’ll accept.

Write and post your ad

By now you’ll know what makes your item attractive, which will help you write a great ad. The best course is to be as descriptive as possible in your title to grab the attention of buyers. Then you can write a detailed ad and highlight the selling features you uncovered earlier. It’s important to take lots of bright, high-quality photos from different angles to really show your item off. Add your price, and you’re good to go.

Now that you’re clued up on determining the best price points on Gumtree for your items, it’s time to create your ad and wait for potential buyers to get in touch. For more helpful advice, check out our tips and tricks to help you sell your items fast.