How to Buy and Sell Second Hand Video Games

For avid gamers, buying games second-hand is a great way to both keep up with new trends and discover old classics without spending a fortune. Our step-by-step guide takes you through setting yourself up to buy and sell used video games and consoles.

How to Buy and Sell Second Hand Video Games

Buying video games on Gumtree

With around 25,000 listings for second-hand video consoles and games for sale on Gumtree at any one time, it’s a playground of choices. Some ways to narrow your search include browsing by category, searching in a radius around your location, or opting for a cheap PC gaming bundle or pre-grouped packs of used PS4 games. Once you’ve honed in on what you want, it’s a good idea to spend a few minutes reading up on how to buy used tech.

Buying video games on Gumtree

When you’re ready to contact the seller, we’ve put together a downloadable guide to the etiquette of buying and selling online. Ultimately, you’ll want to make sure you know what to look for in a reliable seller. Some basics to keep in mind are:

  • Know the retail price and reasonable second-hand value of the item you want to buy
  • Look at the seller’s profile, ratings and response times to see whether they seem trustworthy
  • Don’t be shy to ask questions or to ask for a discount
Selling used video games on Gumtree

Staying safe when buying on Gumtree

The vast majority of our members have good experiences buying and selling on Gumtree. Still, it’s always worth educating yourself on how to buy safely and keeping an eye out for any red flags:

  • Watch out for blind deals and unrealistically low prices
  • Read up on what parts and accessories should come with a big-ticket item
  • Never give out personal details or banking information
  • If possible, meet in person before paying, then use cash or a secure method like PayPal

Onwards and upwards

The whole point of Gumtree is that someone’s unwanted item is someone else’s exciting new find. When the time comes and you want to move on to new gaming adventures, we can teach you how to sell your items on Gumtree.

You_ve made a sale! What next_

You’ve made a sale! What next?

There are lots of delivery options when you sell on Gumtree. What you choose depends on what you and the buyer agree, as well as whether the item can be posted easily or needs to be collected.

  • In the case of second-hand video games, you could simply pop them in the post or bring them to an agreed location
  • If the destination is farther away or the item is bulkier, like a video game console, the most convenient option is to use our delivery partner Parcel2Go

Branching out on Gumtree

Once you’ve got the hang of it – and that won’t take long – why stop at video games? You could enhance your experience with a gaming chairto keep comfortable while playing. From gaming headsets to a gaming mouse, there are endless Good Finds waiting to be discovered on Gumtree.