Finding a Second Job During the Cost of Living Crisis

We know lots of people are feeling the effects of rising living costs. Research by GoCompare has revealed that 24% of UK adults aged 25-34 expect to need a second job to cover their expenses this year. Here at Gumtree, we want to help you give yourself some financial reassurance. Read on to discover our advice and top tips for getting a second job.

Finding a Second Job During the Cost of Living Crisis

The impact of the cost of living crisis

In April 2022, more than 8 out of 10 UK adults reported an increase in their cost of living, seeing price increases of over 70% for food shopping, energy bills and fuel, according to the Office for National Statistics. National insurance, council tax and water bills have also increased, while there has been a freeze on the tax-free personal allowance. While this makes it an uncertain time, there are still some ways you can ease your financial pressures.

Getting a second job to help with costs

Working two jobs could be a good option to help meet the rising cost of living. Flexible hours and working from home have become the new normal, which means there are more options than ever for people looking to make some extra cash outside of their main job. You could get a job while working full-time by using your evenings and weekends, or by working longer hours over fewer days to free up an extra day for another role.

Finding extra employment that works for you

Thankfully, there are loads of options for secondary employment out there. We recommend having a think about what you’d like to do before jumping straight in – our guide to job hunting on Gumtree is a good place to start. You might decide that you’d be best suited to a job that’s similar to your main employment, or you might prefer a change of scene. If you normally work remotely, for instance, having a few shifts in a shop where you get to meet lots of new people might be a refreshing change.

You might even be drawn to the flexibility of getting a self-employed second job. Why not put your passions to good use by selling something that you love to make as a hobby, such as cakes or upcycled furniture? Or, you could think about selling your skills as a service – if you love playing the guitar maybe you could teach it, if you have a van you could offer furniture removals or if you enjoy gardening you could provide garden maintenance services.

Whatever you decide you’d like to do as extra employment, it’s important to be really sure that you have both the time and energy to work in both roles at once.

Online communication, lifestyle and social media browsing

Second job hunting on Gumtree

Once you have an idea of what kind of employment would work best, you can start your job search. You’ll want to begin by setting your location – simply enter your city or postcode on the Gumtree jobs page and decide how far you’re willing to travel to work. Then you can tighten your focus on a particular category. There are more than thirty to browse through, from hospitality to agriculture. One of the simplest ways to make sure you’re looking at the most suitable roles is to set your preferred hours. This means you won’t be spending time browsing through full-time jobs if you can only work in the evenings.

What are good second jobs for someone looking for extra income?

The best second jobs for people who work full or part-time are usually positions that offer flexible working hours. These could include:

Do you get taxed more on a second job?

When you get a second job all of your income is added together for tax purposes so there’s a chance you could be taxed at a different rate. This depends on whether your extra earnings will take your income into a higher tax band. Whether you’re employed, self-employed or both, you only get one tax-free personal allowance (the amount of money you can earn without being taxed at all) no matter how many jobs you have. You then pay tax and national insurance on your income above this allowance. You can find the current income tax and personal allowance rates on the government’s website.

Will your benefits be affected if you get a second job?

It’s a really good idea to find out whether your benefits could be affected before you take on another job. Some benefits, such as Working Tax Credits or Child Tax Credits, are means-tested, so they’re calculated using your income.

Can your employer stop you getting a second job?

Legally, your employer can’t stop you from getting a second job, but there are a couple of things you’ll need to consider. Your employment contract might have a clause that says you’re not able to work another job or that you’d need to ask permission first. It’s often best if you can prove to your employer that you wouldn’t be working for a competitor and that your job wouldn’t impact your current work when you speak to them about this. The second thing to think about is that employers are required to make sure that workers don’t work more than 48 hours per week under the Working Time Regulations 1998. If taking a second job will mean you’re working more than 48 hours, you may be asked to sign an opt-out agreement.

The circular economy

The circular economy

Getting a second job isn’t the only way to combat the crisis. Why not embrace the circular economy? One in ten people have bought second-hand items for the first time to help tackle rising costs, and you could find a bargain of your own by shopping for pre-loved pieces on Gumtree. Our Freebies category is always full of useful items that people are giving away, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to make a saving on something you need. You could also consider becoming a seller yourself and making a bit of extra cash by having a clear-out.

Whether you’re looking for extra employment for a few days or a couple of hours a week, we’re here to help you discover rewarding vacancies – from housekeeping to administration – in our jobs section.