9 Items for a Typically British Summer

Summer’s a time for getting outside and (hopefully) soaking up some much-needed vitamin D. While we can’t guarantee it’ll be sunny, we can guarantee these nine items will help you make the most of the great British summertime. Why not whack on some sun cream, dust off the BBQ and blow up the paddling pool? It’s time to enjoy yourself – come rain or shine.

Nine items for a typically British summer

Two wheels to whizz around on

Who wants to spend their summer in a stuffy car? Bikes are a brilliant way to explore the great outdoors while increasing your fitness, too. Whether you’re into mountain biking, road biking, or just fancy a gentle cycle to the beach, we’ve got a huge selection of bikes and accessories for all abilities and budgets.

Nine items for a typically British summer

Picnic stuff

Summer is the perfect time to organise an al fresco hang-out with friends and family, and here in Britain we love a good picnic. You could fill a basket with classic treats like strawberries and cream, and even set out some garden chairs and blankets for added comfort while you dine in the fresh air.

Nine items for a typically British summer

A place to cool off

If it’s a gloriously sunny day and iced drinks aren’t cutting it anymore, why not get splashing in your garden? A paddling pool is perfect for the little ones, and if you’re a confident swimmer you could even take the plunge with a swimming pool. Just don’t forget the lilo and goggles.

Summer sports equipment

Why not initiate some healthy competition and challenge your friends and family to a game? You could set up some football nets in the garden, get a game of cricket going, or create your own mini-Wimbledon experience to show off your new tennis racket. We also recommend having a refreshing pitcher of ice-cold drink on hand to cool you down.

Nine items for a typically British summer

A space for a snooze

When the kids have tired themselves out running around on the lawn (and you desperately need a break as well) you could treat yourself to a rest in the garden. A garden swing or hammock is the perfect place to read a book or snore the afternoon away.

Nine items for a typically British summer

Camping gear

Summer’s the time to be outdoors and sleep under the stars – just make sure you bring a raincoat! If you’re thinking of embarking on a camping trip, you’ll need some adventure essentials to accompany you. We’ve got everything you might need, from tents, sleeping bags and backpacks to fire pits and camping stoves.

Nine items for a typically British summer

Seaside essentials

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside! There’s a lot to pack for a trip to the beach; you might need a sunshade and sun cream to avoid the burnt lobster look, towels and swimwear if you’re brave enough for a dip, a beach chair to lounge around in, and a cool box to prevent warm lemonade and sandy sandwiches. Luckily we’ve got you covered here on Gumtree.

Nine items for a typically British summer

An at-home playground

For kids, summer equals endless hours of playing in the garden or at the playground. Want to be your kids’ hero? You could help create their very own playground at home, complete with swing sets and climbing frames. Just remember it’s always best to keep an eye on them while they use the equipment.

Nine items for a typically British summer

A very British BBQ

A great British summer isn’t complete without a BBQ. It’s worth investing in some BBQ tools and an apron; even if your sausages are burnt, and your burgers are soggy, at least you’ll look the part. You could also set up a gazebo in case it starts raining, which – let’s be honest – is likely.

With a few simple items, you can get the most out of our much-loved summertime. Whether you’re off to the beach, heading to the park, or just hanging out in the garden, we’ve got all the essentials for a good time over on Gumtree.