6 Ways to Entertain the Kids this Summer Break

You know the drill: school's out and the kids are delighted – but how long until you start to hear "I'm bored"? It can feel like there's a lot of time to kill over the holidays and it's often hard to come up with new ideas to keep the kids entertained. That's why we’ve put together this handy list of our favourite ways to keep everyone busy and happy this summer break.

Six ways to entertain the kids this summer break

1. Have a picnic

Most kids love the novelty of eating outdoors, whatever the weather. You could fill a picnic basket with some summery treats, hang some hammocks and fairy lights and even make your own ice lollies in moulds. Younger children might enjoy a classic teddy bear’s picnic surrounded by their favourite soft toys.

Six ways to entertain the kids this summer break

2. Take on a DIY project

If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands over summer, it can be the perfect opportunity to start a DIY project with the kids. It might sound ambitious, but tasks like building your own swing set or creating a go-cart can be a great bonding activity. It’s a good idea to make a plan before you start, and to be sure you’ve got all the tools and materials you’ll need.

Six ways to entertain the kids this summer break

3. Go on a camping adventure

For a real adventure you’ll all remember, you could take the kids camping. There are lots of things you’ll need for a fun-filled family camping trip, including tents, camping chairs and camping stoves. We’ve got loads of camping equipment so you can ‘be prepared’, as the Scouts would say.

Six ways to entertain the kids this summer break

4. Family bake-off

If the kids love eating sweet treats, why not start a family bake-off? With a few simple ingredients and some handy baking equipment, you’ll be displaying your show-stoppers in no time. You can even put each one on a cake stand for that professional look. If your kids are too little for kitchen equipment you could help them create imaginary baked goods in their own play kitchen.

Six ways to entertain the kids this summer break

5. Create a water world

We can all get a bit hot and bothered on a sunny day (after all, we’re not used to it in this country). If the kids are getting irritable in the heat, you could cool them off by creating your own garden waterpark. It doesn’t need to be fancy – things like a paddling pool, a water slide, sprinklers and water guns will guarantee they have fun in the sun.

Six ways to entertain the kids this summer break

6. Get green-fingered

Getting the kids involved in a spot of gardening is a great way to keep them occupied and teach them about plants and nature. You could paint plant pots in bright colours, set up a fairy garden or plant some seeds. If the great British weather isn’t playing ball, you can bring the garden indoors with a terrarium made from a glass jar, some gravel and an array of succulents.

With these easy and fun ideas we guarantee you’ll all be having fun this summer. If you’re feeling creative, why not browse the kids stuff for sale on Gumtree, so you can have fun with your own ideas too?