The Best Patio Heaters for Your Garden

Is there anything finer than enjoying your outdoor space into the evening? We think not. But since the UK is hardly the Med, you might need a little booster once the sun goes down – and that's where a patio heatercomes in. Not just for your favourite pubs, garden heaters can be easy and inexpensive to run at home too.

Patio heater

Which fuel?

A gas patio heater is great if you can’t get an electricity connection outside, or you don’t want to run a messy cable. The downside is that they’re generally more expensive to run, as you’ll have to buy and change gas bottles. You can find compact garden heaters for smaller spaces and bigger options compatible with multi-litre gas bottles.

  • Fire Mountain has sturdy, floor-standing options and elegant pyramid heaters.
  • Blumfeldt has a standing gas patio heater that looks like an old fashioned lamp – top marks for aesthetics.
  • Gasdepot has pyramid heaters with enough power to heat a commercial venue garden.
Patio heater

For the eco-conscious, electric patio heaters are emissions-free and the most energy-efficient option. They’re also quick to turn on and off, so you won’t waste heat-up and cool-down time.

  • Firefly has various standing designs with sturdy bases and weatherproofing credentials – all impressively low-budget.
  • Blumfeldt is one of the best-known brands, with many different designs and sizes.
  • Heat Outdoors is a pricier investment but high-quality and sturdy with a large heating range.

Fire pits are also an option, if you’re not worried about unattended children or pets. They can heat up a small area quickly, look atmospheric and double as a rustic cooking set-up.

  • La Hacienda has a great variety of styles and sizes to fit your vibe.
  • Gumtree is the perfect place to find quirky designs by independent brands and makers you probably haven’t heard of.

Shape and design

As well as the large free-standing patio heaters mentioned above, there are a few more options:

Hanging heaters are great for outdoor structures with open sides, creating the ultimate weatherproof BBQ area, and they don’t take up any floor space.

  • La Hacienda pendant design is stylish, durable and powerful, for dispersing heat over a wide area.
  • Outsunny offers a larger option that’s chic and comes with remote control.

Parasol pole heaters do what they say on the tin: attach to your parasol. They’re great for keeping heat concentrated over your garden table:

  • Shadow Maximus parasol patio heater is high-tech, with multiple settings, folding arms and high-quality weatherproofing – a worthy investment.
  • Arttoreal parasol heaters are height adjustable, compact and have variable heat settings.

Wall-mounted heaters are space-saving solutions, handy if you’re worried about tripping over a standing column.

  • Sedol patio heaters provide an instant cosy boost to a small space.
  • Futura has a compact wall-mounted option that’s both low-budget and efficient.
  • Swan Al Fresco is a waterproof wall-mounted option that can be installed and then forgotten about – perfect for all-year use.

You can also find compact table-top heaters that are ideal for smaller gardens, decking or patios.

  • Blumfeldt has several table heaters, from one that looks like a stylish indoor table lamp (but packs a lot of punch for its size), to one that becomes your table, thanks to its wide, flat top.
  • The Kingfisher affordable table-standing outdoor heater has a more traditional, camping aesthetic.
  • The Pacific Lifestyle Cosiscoop is incredibly modern and stylish. It doesn’t run as hot as bigger models, but it’s portable and compact.

Excited for leisurely evenings with drinks, the odd sausage and good company? Then it’s time to hunt for your perfect outdoor heater on Gumtree.