The 10 Best Double Mattresses for the Comfiest Night’s Sleep

Let's face it, lack of sleep isn't fun. You may have tried and tested everything, but the issue may in fact lie – if you'll excuse the pun! – with your mattress. For a decent night's sleep, our bodies need to be supported correctly, so it's never too soon to check out our guide to find out what is the best double mattress to avoid morning aches and pains.

10 best mattresses for the comfiest night's sleep

1. Emma Original mattress

This one is a high scorer for all-around comfort. It’s described as medium firm and comes in a wide range of sizes, including small double, double and king size. The best reason to invest that we’ve come across is the way the mattress keeps you cool throughout the night with the use of Airgocell® foam, which is a layer of foam that encourages better ventilation. The Emma will also provide support to those with aching joints due to its 25 mm layer of memory foam. Tried-and-tested reviews mention that the mattress is closer to a firm double mattress but long-lasting. This one is well worth investing in for those who are looking for pure comfort guaranteed.

2. Nectar Memory Foam mattress

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is available in a small double size up to a super king. This option features four layers and is finished with a breathable quilted cover that adapts to your body temperature for a cool night’s sleep. Reviews suggest that it sits on the firm side of its medium/firm rating, so it’s maybe not the best option for side sleepers.

3. Simba Hybrid Pro mattress

With six layers, this Simba hybrid style mattress is heavier than other memory foam options on the market. What sets this one apart is the Aerocoil coils and the wool layer. The coils are placed between support foam and a layer of open-cell foam, which enables air to fill the spaces. The wool layer acts as a natural ventilator and helps wick away moisture. It includes a soft and supportive outer layer and the double sizes include standard, king and super king. It also links with the Simba sleep app, which helps you to track your sleep for helpful improvement suggestions. As a soft-medium firmness mattress, it could be too soft for those who suffer from back issues. One other thing to consider is how you’ll get it up the stairs since it’s on the heavier side.

10 best mattresses for the comfiest night's sleep

4. Rem-Fit 400 Hybrid mattress

This hybrid mattress comprises five layers with 2,000 pocket springs. It boasts open-cell memory foam that provides a medium/firm level of support for even distribution of body weight. It’s UK-designed and branded as the mattress for all types of sleepers, but particularly side-sleepers. Based on reviews, this double spring mattress can withstand up to 40 stone and the open-cell foam keeps you cool. People have mentioned a plastic odour during the first week or so and the lack of handles for manœuvrability. It’s available in four double sizes – small double, double, king-size and super king.

5. IKEA Hovag mattress

Probably the most budget-friendly mattress on our list, the Ikea Hovag is a standard pocket-string design with soft filling. It has a medium/firm comfort level and may seem softer on the first test. However, tried-and-tested reviews claim that it’s deceptively supportive and offers a great night’s sleep. It also features side handles, but IKEA claims that it never has to be flipped. The double sizes range from standard to super king and remain affordable despite the size difference.

6. Silentnight Studio Gel mattress

The gel over pocket springs design of this mattress aims to enhance breathability and cater to those of us who tend to move about at night. It’s part of a larger Silentnight range and other options include an Eco mattress and memory foam designs. This mattress is light enough to lift easily – Silentnight also recommends turning it now and then. This isn’t the deepest mattress on the list, but the 1,000 micro pocket springs mean it’s very spongey with a lot of bounce. Reviews focus on the medium support it provides, which is good for the hips and spine as well as for restless sleepers. It’s available in two double sizes.

7. Tempur Sensation Elite mattress

One of the first memory mattresses available in the UK, Tempur has come a long way since 1991. It’s known for using pressure-absorbing material for full support and it leads the way in the memory foam world. The Sensation Elite mattress has a soft-medium rating and a non-motion transfer design, which makes it perfect for those who suffer from back pain or restlessness. There’s no doubt that this particular mattress is expensive, but reviews highlight its quality and its luxurious, soft finish. There are also plenty of similar Good Finds on Gumtree so you may find yourself a bargain. Tempur offers a decent choice of double sizes, including a king wide if you need extra space. We don’t recommend that you splash out if sleep isn’t an issue but it would be worth giving it a go if it is.

10 best mattresses for the comfiest night's sleep

8. Loaf Our Perfect Mattress

This particular mattress is one of five that Loaf sells and is said to be their bestseller. You can choose between extra firm, firm and regular. It features traditional pocket springs with wool and cotton filling for temperature regulation. It has a soft, squishy top layer, which is recommended for side sleepers and finished with a luxurious damask cover. The 1,200 pocket springs create perfect back support and many reviews state that it relieved certain morning aches. It comes in double, king and super-king sizes.

9. Dormeo Octaspring 6500 memory foam mattress

The magic of this Dormeo Octaspring is in the construction, with its distinctive memory foam layers that provide different levels of support. The Octaspring consists of two spring layers each with three memory zones to help support the hips, shoulders and lower spine. With a non-motion transfer design and breathable keep-cool material, this mattress is a winner for a restful night’s sleep. Although great for side and back sleepers, due to its support system, it may not be as comfortable for front sleepers. The mattress includes carrying handles to help flip it, which is suggested by Dormeo.

10. Duvalay EasySleep Three mattress

The final mattress on the list is another hybrid option, this time featuring what Duvalay calls Freshtec foam. It includes a mesh cover for breathability, helping to keep you cool and fresh during the night. It also includes mesh sides that provide more ventilation for the memory foam top. It’s perhaps more standard in its design, with a smooth cover that isn’t actually removable, so you may want to consider using a mattress protector. Its firmness level is medium but it’s reviewed as being closer to a soft double mattress – a better choice for side sleepers. It comes in various double sizes and offers edge-to-edge support for the whole body.

There are some great mattress options currently available to help with those sleepless nights so you’re full of beans and raring to go in the mornings. You could search for some mattress Good Finds on Gumtree if you’re being a savvy shopper. Discover that dream double mattress today!

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