Simple DIY Christmas Tree Decorations for a Unique Statement

When you're trimming up the Christmas tree this year, why not get creative with crafting and make your own decorations? They'll add a personal touch to your home and could even become treasured pieces, passed down the generations. Most importantly at this time of year, it can be a fun family activity too. If you want to get the ball rolling or don't have hours to spare crafting, don't let that stop you – we've put together some ideas for every skill level to get you started.

Colourful pine cones

Colourful pine cones

First up is the lowly pine cone – you can find plenty of these on a country walk, and if you collect too many, you could even give away the surplus on Gumtree. The options with pine cones are endless. How about adding a little spray snow or making them shine by painting them in metallic gold, silver, red or green? If you don’t want to paint them, why not add some clear glue and dip them in glitter? If you’re of the more is more school of thought, you could even do all three. Then you just need to add a loop of cotton or ribbon and they’re ready to hang on the tree. If pine cones aren’t for you, you could try getting creative with Brazil nuts or cinnamon sticks instead.

Peg star

A slightly more involved but equally simple and effective idea is the clothes peg star. Some old-fashioned wooden pegs and a little paint are all that you need. The first stage is to separate the two halves of a handful of pegs by removing the metal clip and to build your star by arranging them side-by-side in a circle around a coin. You can use as many as you need to get the star effect then glue them together. Once dry, you can paint and decorate your star however you like.

Decorative jars

Decorative jars

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have some old glass jars cluttering up the kitchen or maybe some candle holders that are an under-used gift from last year. These can be repurposed with a bit of ribbon and a battery-powered tea-light candle. You’ll need a jar with a rim so you can fasten the ribbon around it and tie it in an attractive bow. That will give you a secure place to attach another loop of ribbon so you can hang it from the tree. If you’ve got some suitable glue, you can use that to add some extra grip; if not, you’ll need to tie the knot nice and tight. Once done, you’ll be ready to pop in your tea-light (you could try using glam glittery ones or easily make your own) and voilà – your stylish tree decoration is done.

Pretty in paper

Our last quick and easy idea couldn’t be simpler and will give your tree a cool, retro look. You can do this by:

  • getting some patterned craft paper or card
  • using a large mug to draw a circle and cutting it out
  • making a small hole at the top of the circle with a hole punch
  • looping some wool or ribbon through the hole and tying off
  • hanging your yuletide bauble on the tree
  • repeating as desired
  • pouring a festive drink, sitting back and enjoying the view

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can use exactly the same approach to make paper stars or Christmas tree shapes. We suggest drawing an outline on card first then using that as a stencil so each one looks exactly the same. You can even experiment with sizes, doing smaller versions for higher up the tree.
If you’ve got kids, this is definitely something they can get involved in too – you might want to let them add their own colours and decoration for a more family feel to your Christmas tree craft.

Simple DIY Christmas Tree Decorations for a Unique Statement

Beautiful baubles

The bauble has been a mainstay of Christmas tree decorations for decades. We love them as much as the next person but they can be a little uninspiring when bought off the shelf. Not so if you craft your own unique versions that will make your festive flair the talk of the season.

Handmade Christmas baubles

There are a few things you can do to spruce a standard bauble ready for the tree:

  1. Add letters or words – with just a sticker set, you can add your own personal touches like initials, children’s names or short festive phrases. Baby’s first Christmas or your first Christmas as a couple? Add a number one. Stickers are easiest, but acrylic paint will work just as well if you prefer.
  2. Paint it – why not change the colour, add some snow or make it look like a Christmas pudding? What about a globe with Santa flying across it or a universe full of stars? If you can imagine it and you’ve got the skills, you can do it.
  3. Turn it into a snowball – spray snow is the easiest way to do this. Adding some string to the loop of the bauble will enable you to spray without touching it and get an even covering. If you don’t have spray snow, you could glue on torn-up cotton wool. Or if you prefer an icier snowball, you can cover the bauble in glue and dip it into readily-available Epsom salts.

A blank slate

Clear baubles are a great base from which you can make something special – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. You could try:

  • adding different colours of paint and shaking for interesting random results
  • dropping in some glitter for a sparkly shaker effect
  • folding in lengths of ribbon for something simple and sophisticated
  • adding powder snow and a figurine to make a snow globe
  • squeezing in a festive family photo for a personal touch

Saving money, helping the environment or enjoying a fun activity – whatever your motivation, we hope you’ve been inspired to have a go at crafting something truly one-of-a-kind. Why not start by exploring Gumtree’s arts and crafts listings today?