How to Get Rid of Your Old Sofa

Whether your furniture is past its best or you just fancy giving your home a fresh look, old sofa disposal can be tricky. Our helpful guide aims to take the stress out of the process, so you can sit back and relax on your new sofa sooner. From ideas that won't cost you a penny to eco-conscious choices, here are Gumtree's top tips on how to dispose of a sofa.

how to get rid of your old sofa

What can I do with my unwanted sofa?

When it comes to getting rid of your current couch, reusing and recycling are the best ways forward. Avoiding landfill sites is something to consider for anything you no longer need, especially if it can be given a second home instead. Luckily, there are a number of planet-friendly ways you can part with your unwanted settee.

What can I do with my unwanted sofa

A simple and free option to make space for your new sofa is to list your old one with us on Gumtree. Buying second-hand is an increasingly popular way to help preserve the environment and it’s really easy too. To help you out, we’ve listed some top tips on how to sell your item on Gumtree quickly. If you think your sofa’s perhaps a little too rundown to sell, you can always post it under our Freebies section where it can go to someone in need. When creating your listing for a free item, you don’t have to offer delivery as most buyers will expect to collect their latest Good Find from you.

Alternatively, why not do a good deed and donate your old sofa to your local charity shop? Some charities, such as the British Heart Foundation, offer free sofa pick up as well. You can check their website or give your local charity a call to arrange a time and date. As well as being in useable condition, it’s important that your sofa still has its Fire Safety label attached, otherwise, it can’t be re-sold.

For sofas that can’t be reused, you can book a collection from your local council, or arrange for a specialist sofa recycling company to collect them.

Which companies will pick up my old sofa?

Buying a new settee could be the solution for picking up your old one. If you’re treating your interiors to a new piece from a major retailer, it’s worth finding out if they offer a couch removal service when they deliver the new one. This might come with a fee, but companies such as DFS and John Lewis will recycle your sofa for you and you’ll have the good karma of knowing you’re helping the environment.

There are removal companies out there that focus on recycling old goods, too, like Clearabee who’ve teamed up with Sofology. Clearabee claims that 100% of the sofas it collects in major cities are recycled or disposed of responsibly. You can also ask a local removal service to collect your unwanted settee and take it to a waste transfer station for you. They charge a fee, but collection times are often fairly quick and they’ll collect from inside your home – so your wallet might be lighter but you’ll avoid putting your back out.

Can you take sofas to the tip

Can you take sofas to the tip?

While a trip to the tip might seem like the easy option in the short term, it’s worth considering what effect your sofa could have in the bigger picture. Data we collected from councils in England about waste and recycling showed that the equivalent of seven double-decker buses (or 28,000 tonnes) of waste was sent to landfills between 2019 and 2021 from each council area – ouch. Reusing furniture is a quicker way to give something a second life that involves much less transportation and processing, and therefore a smaller carbon footprint.

Old sofa disposal is easy with our guide, whether you’re selling, donating to charity or getting rid of it in a responsible way. You can complete the recycle and reuse circle by taking a look on Gumtree for preloved armchairs or comfy footstools to go with your new settee.