How to Find Second-Hand G Plan Furniture

Who doesn't love a bit of quality? Here at Gumtree, we totally understand why vintage G Plan furniture is on your wish list. Maybe you're looking for signature second-hand bedroom furniture or focusing on home office design. Our useful guide explains how best to search for G Plan furniture and how to identify it using common features, designs and labels.

How to Find Second-Hand G Plan Furniture

Second-Hand G Plan Furniture

What is G Plan Furniture?

Without getting too poetic, G Plan furniture is timeless and full of nostalgia. Born out of the post-war years, it’s still going strong today. With its rich teak wood and impeccable craftsmanship, it’s as practical as it is classy. So snapping up second-hand G Plan antique furniture makes so much sense.

How to identify G Plan Furniture

How to identify G Plan Furniture?

The first thing you need to do is make sure it’s genuine G Plan furniture and not a copy. We don’t want you getting all excited about something just to find out it’s made from MDF. If you know what to look for, then you won’t get caught out.


All authentic G Plan furniture has a unique marking label. What that looks like depends on when it was made. If the furniture doesn’t have a label, it may not be the real deal.

These pieces have a golden stamp reading ‘E Gomme, High Wycombe’ – he’s the founder of G Plan. There’s a bold ‘EG’ in the centre and ‘G-Plan’ written in gold at the bottom. There’s also a special Danish version for items designed by Ib Kofod-Larsen. That label reads ‘DESIGNED BY IB KOFOD-LARSEN, G-PLAN DANISH DESIGN, MADE BY E GOMME LTD, HIGH WYCOMBE, BUCKS’. These pieces are very collectable.

This label is red with a large ‘G’ and the smaller word ‘plan’ written in the middle of it in white. The 1975-1985 label is identical to this one, except the text is metallic gold.

This label uses the same colours as the 1975-1985 one, but in a different font.

In the early ’90s, G Plan used a new version of the 1985-1990 label with a gold border.

G Plan design features

G Plan furniture is typically manufactured from teak wood, but some pieces are made with mahogany, oak or rosewood. As well as solid wood, they can also include some veneer parts, so don’t write these off as fakes. Just always keep an eye out for the authentic mark. Once you check out a few images, you’ll start to get a feel for the furniture. Here are a few ranges to look out for:

  • Brandon Range: this range is made of light oak wood and includes sofas, easy chairs, bedroom furniture and dining furniture. It has a real Scandi feel, with solid handles and sleek lines. Think IKEA but a little louder.
  • Tola and Black Range: this range has more of a contemporary Italian feel. You can expect darker wood, curved bases on tables and chairs and brass-tipped black legs.
  • G Plan Danish: everyone wanted G Plan Danish pieces, but because they were so big and expensive, they weren’t seen in many average homes. For that reason, they’re rarer and more highly sought after. Bagging one of these babies is a real find.
  • Fresco Range: the 1960s welcomed the Fresco Range. This is a modular system where items can be stand-alone or fit together to form units. The Fresco nest of tables and dressing table were very popular. Their distinctive Fresco handles make these items easy to spot.
  • Occasional table (8040) and the Astro: the 8040 occasional table has a glass top and criss-cross wooden frame. The rarer Astro table also has a glass top, but has a spider-like frame. That’s why it’s often referred to as the Spider table. Both versions are your classic statement pieces.
  • 6250 model chair: this true icon is sometimes referred to as ‘the world’s most comfortable chair’. It’s upholstered, it swivels and it’s got a button back. If you get chance, check out the baddy Blofeld in the Bond movie You Only Live Twice sitting in this very chair.
  • G-Plan Vintage Brand: G Plan furniture is still being produced today, meaning that as well as sourcing fabulous G Plan antique furniture, you can hunt for a more recent preloved piece. Vintage G Plan furniture is having a resurgence and there are lots of Good Finds on Gumtree just waiting for a new home.

The G Plan range was designed to be extensive, covering everything from wardrobes to coffee tables and chests of drawers to sideboards. People could buy individual pieces or whole sets, and the range was meant to be mixed and matched. One fact that might come in useful at the next pub quiz: G Plan came up with the idea of matching dining sets. Don’t be surprised to find lots of variety out there – G Plan produced practically every possible type of wooden furniture.

How much is G Plan furniture worth

How much is G Plan furniture worth?

That depends. No matter how much you want that special piece of furniture, it’s best to make sure that it’s a good buy. Once you’ve found the label, the next step is to check out the overall condition. Things to look out for are cracks, damage or missing bits. It helps to focus on what you want from the item. If it’s just for show, fine, but if it’s going to be used, you should make sure it’s up to the job.

Certain items are understandably more valuable than others. That’ll be reflected in the price. Pieces by Ib Kofod-Larsen will cost more, as will ones made from teak wood. What you’re willing to pay should always fit with your budget. We recommend that you do as much research as you can before you make a purchase and get a feel for going rates.

Now that you have the knowledge to begin your search, you’re a whole lot closer to finding that perfect second-hand G Plan furniture. Check out Gumtree Good Finds for a great place to start.