7 Decorating Styles for Creating the Perfect Nursery

There are so many things to think about when you're expecting a baby. Once you've agreed (or disagreed) on your favourite names, picked out cute baby clothes and stocked up on essentials, another fun task is setting up a lovely nursery to welcome your little one when they arrive. Read on for seven adorable baby bedroom ideas.


Scandi style

If you’re considering a nice minimalist Scandinavian theme, you’ll want to stick to white and neutral tones throughout: white walls and a simple cot or crib in white or light-coloured wood. Don’t forget matching furniture, like a simple bookshelf or a set of storage cubes to hold your little one’s toys. For a few pops of colour here and there, you could hang bunting from the ceiling or add a couple of carefully chosen pieces of artwork in simple frames.

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Farmhouse theme

For more rural or rustic charm, you can make your little one’s nursery feel like a farmhouse. Try incorporating tongue-and-groove walls (or wallpaper made to look like them). Salvaged wood window frames or mirrors will make the perfect accents, along with weathered wood antique furniture throughout.

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Nursery ideas

Tiny traveller

You can instil a love of travel in your baby right from the start with an international-themed nursery. A map on the wall makes a great start. You can then add little touches like photos or souvenirs from your travels, a plastic globe or some fun stuffed animals from different places around the world. For a finishing touch, why not try aeroplanes, boats or hot-air balloons on a shelf or as a mobile hung above the cot?

Nautical nursery

A nautical theme is a classic choice for a nursery, and with good reason. It opens the door for playful sailor stripes, decorative fishing nets and colourful model ships –‌ eye-catching items young children will love. Most nautical-themed nurseries tend to stick to blue and white, such as classic Breton stripes or a nice blue rug. But there’s no rule against adding other colours too. You can liven up the walls with wallpaper featuring a fun sea animal print or get some bright accent pillows for a rocking chair.

Animal extravaganza

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! An animal theme leaves you with quite a lot of freedom. You can transport your little one to exotic climes with jungle-themed wallpaper and potted plants, or take a more conventional approach with a zoo or farmyard animal-print and a few framed illustrations of baby critters. Why not finish off the look with a rug shaped like a bunny face or an imitation bearskin?

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Nursery decor

Pretty pastels

Of the many classic nursery decor ideas, a pastel theme is one of the easiest. All you need to do is decide on a colour palette made up of different pastels, whether it be pinks, blues, greens or yellows. You can paint the walls, or leave them white. If you opt for white walls, it’s worth finding a large rug or soft, flowing curtains in pastel tones to draw the eye.

Boho baby

Free spirits may want to consider a Boho chic nursery. This theme involves mismatched furniture, generous throw rugs and macramé plant holders. You can either stick to traditional neutral tones or go for pops of colour and bold patterns. If you want to really embrace the theme, you could add a tapestry on the wall, a delicate canopy over the cot, and comfy cushions on the floor.

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