The Gumtree Swap Shop

We did some research recently that showed we’re losing the art of bartering!

26% of Brits admitted to being ‘terrible’ when it comes to bagging a bargain at a boot sale, secondhand shop or on a circular economy platform. Our British politeness could be to blame as half (51%) fear coming across as awkward, while 38% worry they could be perceived as rude.

Well, there’s good news for those that hate to haggle… the good old fashion Swap Shop is on the rise!

As purse strings tighten, new ways to ‘purchase’ items are beginning to emerge – most notably the art of ‘trading up’ which 1 in 10 of us are keen to get involved in. Interestingly, this rises to 18% amongst those aged 18-29.  Furthermore, a third of respondents said they had swapped items with friends or family and a further 38% agreeing they would definitely like to do this more, rising to 42% among those aged 30 and under.

We love this trend and to see our community trading in this way across our Freebies and Swap Shop categories.

So to inspire and encourage more people across the UK to get swapping, we’ve teamed up with TV presenter Oobah Butler, known for his Stock Market trades on Instagram to offer consumers top tips on bagging a bargain and trading up. Oobah will run a series of Swap Shop Instagram Lives in the run up to Black Friday inviting members of the public to suggest what they would be willing to trade for one of his must-have items.


Swap Shop Live with Oobah Part 1 – 6pm on Friday 11th November 2022

Swap Shop Live with Oobah Part 2 – 6pm on Friday 18th November 2022

Follow along here: 


Comment during the IG Live with the items you’d be willing to part with in exchange for the item Oobah is giving away.

Oobah will select one swap offer per Swap Shop item, and it could be you!

Oobah will announce the winning users live on his channel (giving your IG handle a shoutout), and you’ll have to DM him your contact info to claim the item and arrange delivery, which will take place once both Swap Shops (on the 11th and 18th November) have taken place.


We have donations from a series of special guests… None other than Charity Shop Sue, thrift shop manager extraordinaire. Roxanne, DIY and creative expert of Our Neutral Ground. And Jasmine Hemsley, celebrity chef and conscious fashion and beauty influencer.

source: Methodology Data conducted by Perspectus Global on behalf of Gumtree between 14th – 17th, polling 2,000 adults aged 18+ across the UK.