The Definition of a Good Find

A Good Find is something that we know a lot about. It can look different to different people. It can be unexpected, meaningful, practical or rare. It can help someone turn a new house into a new home. It can give a teenager the freedom of four wheels and an open road. It can support someone’s leap of faith, or just fuel a new passion. 

Good Finds

We’ve been making Good Finds happen for 20 years, and connecting people via our platform to find what they need most. A house, a car, flatmate. 

A Good Find can take a little longer but it’s worth it for that Good Find feeling. It’s also no frills, no fanfare, no heavily filtered photograph. Good Finds are powered by real people, buying, selling, sharing and discovering. For home inspiration, check out our guide – how to save money on your home decor with Good Finds.

Our latest TV campaign is a tongue-in-cheek look at everything a Good Find is (and isn’t). We hope you love our adverts as much as we do. Watch now!

How can you tell if you’ve found a Good Find? Here are our top 5 Good Find indicators…

A Good Find:

  • Sorts out something personal to you
    A Good Find is something that helps sort something out, just for you. It could be finding the perfect buyer for the sofa that just won’t work when you move house, it could be finding that kitchen gadget your partner’s had their eye on at a good price or it could be discovering a brilliant home repairs expert that lives round the corner.
  • Supports something that matters to you
    A Good Find will also give you that little buzz of having done something you’re proud of – whether that’s helping you stick to your monthly budget, adding a few quid to your savings pot, feeling pleased that you’ve supported someone in your local area or a small business owner or even knowing that by choosing second-hand you’re doing a little something for the planet and the circular economy too. Nothing feels as good as a Good Find. 
  • Says it like it is
    We know that making that Good Find on Gumtree can sometimes feel like a lot of items, and you might not know where to start. That’s why we have separated the site into multiple categories, with a search bar and location-based search also. If you’re browsing, using these tools will make sure that you get a bit closer to finding your good find. If you already know what you’re looking for and are on a mission to get it – that is excellent, we hope you find it!
  • Is simple, easy and enjoyable
    Making a good find shouldn’t require lots of complex processes or jumping through hoops. Browse, message seller, pick-up and pay for item and enjoy it. Keeping our site simple and easy to use is at the heart of Gumtree.
  • May require some imagination
    A Good Find won’t always, necessarily, look like a Good Find at first glance. There might be a typo in the headline so it doesn’t come up on your search or the photo might be a bit wonky, with a finger over the camera lens or an arm in shot. Good Finds are made by real people, and don’t always mean a perfect ad. But that’s why we love them.

Check out our article for more tips on grabbing Good Finds on Gumtree.

Good Finds – It’s why people come to Gumtree; it’s what we do best. 

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