Summer of Sport: Second Hand Bats and Balls Galore

From bringing football home to winning commonwealth hockey gold for the first time ever, it’s been a summer of sport to remember.
But it’s only just getting started…

Find your inner Lioness

There are thousands of football finds listed for sale on Gumtree, from footballs to goal posts, to fully fledged football kit: shirts and shin pads to socks and boots – you’ll look the part, even if you can’t play the part (yet).

That’s where our community pages come in. With over 1,000 teams looking for players*, no matter your gender, age or (lack thereof) skills, there’s never been a better time to pick up a football.

With a 12% increase in ‘football’ related searches during the Women’s Euro Tournament**, we expect this trend to continue well into November with our first ever Winter World Cup. It will be all eyes on the men’s football teams 👀 There are England World Cup shirts and Wales football shirts from over the ages on Gumtree. Come on England and Wales!

If Footballs Not Your Game

There are plenty of other sports you can take up with a little help from Gumtree. Hockey sticks, cricket wickets and golfing clubs are plentiful on our site… in fact, why not try them all? That’s the beauty of going secondhand: if at first you don’t succeed, try try and try again, then list it on Gumtree again so you can pick up a new sport. And if you’re a jack of all trades, well there are also javelins and shot puts for sale on Gumtree – heptathlon, here you come!

For those of us who prefer a slower pace of life, there’s always lawn bowling, with over 3,900 searches in August alone***, you won’t be bowling alone that’s for sure.

Individual Sports

If you prefer to play in a team of one, well you’re not alone. Our most popular sports-leisure searches in July were golf related with over 90,000 searches***. And if that still doesn’t float your boat, maybe these water sports will: canoes, kayaks and paddle boards souring during our hottest summer on record for years. Catch those last few weeks of sunshine from the comfort of your one float for one.

Second-hand does future champions make.

* website listings live in sports teams and partners category August 2022
** website data comparison of data during 6 July – 31 July 2022 versus previous period.
*** website data of sport searches in sports-leisure-travel category during July 2022.