Love it or List it this Valentine’s Day

Ever moved in with a partner only to discover some shockers in their CD collection? Or a roommate who has terrible taste in cushions? Does your sibling have a pile of artwork on the floor that’s never going to be hung on a wall? 

It’s time to give your items a second chance by playing ‘Love It’ or ‘List It’ and show some extra love to the planet this Valentine’s Day.

Making a date with decluttering

The concept is simple, grab your housemate, partner or siblings and their unwanted items. You give them the opportunity to declare they ‘ Love It’ and want to keep their item, or they can agree to ‘ List It’ on Gumtree – so it can have a second chance to be loved in your local community and help you unlock the value of items that you no longer use.   

We tasked the amazing Gregorian Sisters to play Love It or List It  to show you how it’s done. Anyone fancy buying a Harry Potter box set or Teddy coat? Take a look to find out more! 


#AD It’s time to Love It❤️ OR List It ✅ Find your pre-loved items a new home this Valentine’s Day, while showing the planet some love as well 🌹 sell and shop now on @Gumtree #Gumtree #LoveGumtree #ValentinesDay

♬ Guitar, fashion, cafe, fun, loop(889285) – Yu Yaguchi

Want to play Love It or List It this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a few tips to make sure you can make some quick cash – while loving the planet in the process. 

Every photo counts

Your listing picture is the first thing a buyer will see in their feed. To make your ad stand out, always centre the item, remove clutter, take the image front on and ensure it is well lit or shooting in natural daylight. On Gumtree you can upload up to 20 photos to allow the buyer ‘to look around’ the item just as they would in a shop. So take several angles and close ups so the buyer can see the material and condition of the item. The more a buyer knows about an item, the more likely they’ll be interested in purchasing.

Bring the product to life

Don’t hold back on the description. If it’s a well-known brand, ensure you include that in the description. You may wish to mention how much you bought the item for, to show the value to the next buyer. Gumtree especially is built on community and sharing tips is a big part of the platform. For example, if it’s a compact piece of furniture could it work for someone moving into their first home? Could it be perfect for upcycling? Everything has another lease of life in it, so make this clear when you’re selling.

Sense check with other items

Before you list, do your research. Take a look at other items, in a similar condition to yours, to see how they’re priced so that you don’t list yourself out of a sale. Remember, you can always bring a price down once it’s live, but not the other way.

Give yourself ‘haggle room’

Everyone loves a bargain. So it’s crucial to factor this into your pricing. While it’s important not to overprice your item, make sure you consider a buyer trying to haggle the price down, so that even with a discount you’d be happy with the final price. But be careful not to overprice too highly, you want to ensure you attract buyers.