LEGO® gifts for vehicle fans

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Know a vehicle fanatic who also loves LEGO building? Then we have the perfect mix for you. LEGO vehicles have come a long way since its first racing car in 1976 with a mere 67 parts, but since then their autocad has become full of everyone's much loved vehicles, from cars to trains.

LEGO vehicle sets, either made to be displayed proudly in your home, for racing through your LEGO City street race (with your own sound effects of course) or for love of creating your own LEGO train set, all these sets can be a great build moment with your family and friends over the holidays. 

So we’ve lined up our favourite LEGO gifts for vehicle fans this Christmas, ranging from a simple 210 piece set to an in depth 1,925 piece set, catering for all ages. Want more toy recommendations? Check out our other top lists too.

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And remember…if you’re buying new, make room ahead of Christmas and pass on those pre-loved toys, making way for new memories.

LEGO® gifts for vehicle fans

LEGO Technic BMW M 1000 RR (42130)

Drive into a zone of pure joy.

Developed in sports racing and perfected for the road, the BMW M 1000 RR has captured the hearts of motorsport and motorcycle fans. Now you can enjoy a mindful build crafting your own LEGO Technic model version (42130) of the ultimate motorcycle.

Immerse yourself in the wealth of details packed into this impressive model motorcycle. The 1:5 scale is a first for the LEGO Technic universe. With authentic features, the model looks and moves just like the real thing. Explore the functional 3-speed (+ neutral) gearbox, steering, front and rear suspension, chain transmission and inline 4-piston engine. With iconic BMW branding, this motorcycle model looks so stylish on show and comes with 2 display stands.

The LEGO Technic BMW M 1000 RR is part of a collection of LEGO builds for adults. Celebrating some of the world’s best-loved vehicles, these building sets for adults offer an insight into engineering combined with a relaxing building project.

LEGO Icons Porsche 911 (10295)

Build a detailed LEGO version of the Porsche 911.

Celebrate the unmistakable style of Porsche with this fantastic building challenge as you create your own classic, collectible car with the LEGO Porsche 911 (10295) model kit.

Choose to build either the Turbo model with its turbo-charged engine or the Targa with its iconic Targa bar and a removable roof that stores under the hood. Build your favourite Porsche 911. Both the Turbo and the Targa model cars feature authentic Porsche 911 details like the iconic front and rear bumpers, angled headlights, printed logo and number plates. And the interior is just as impressive with working steering, gearstick, emergency brake, tilting seats and a dark-orange-and-nougat colour scheme.

A building project for you The LEGO Porsche 911 is part of a collection of buildable model kits for adults. From classic collectible cars to detailed buildings, these LEGO sets are the perfect way to escape everyday life with an immersive building project.

LEGO Jurassic World Triceratops Pick-up Truck Ambush (76950)

Dinosaur-charging LEGO Jurassic World action playset!

Let the thrilling fast-paced action begin with this awesome Triceratops Dinosaur Pickup Truck Ambush (76950) toy play-set. The perfect gift for creative kids aged 7 and up who are into cool vehicles and dinosaurs, it features a pickup truck with a break-off front section that is easy to rebuild after it has been bashed by the Triceratops figure, plus an escape buggy. Each LEGO brick-built vehicle has space for 2 mini-figures.

This LEGO Jurassic World building toy includes 4 minifigures: Claire Dearing, Franklin Webb and 2 security guards, plus a tranquilliser and carrot accessory element to inspire imaginative roleplay. Step-by-step instructions are in the box, so even LEGO newcomers can build the models with confidence.

Dinosaur Delight

There really are LEGO Jurassic World sets to suit fans of all ages, whether they want to recreate iconic scenes from the movies and animated series or simply build and display the collectible models.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express (75955)

Board the Hogwarts™ Express for a magical train journey!

Step aboard the iconic LEGO Harry Potter™ 75955 Hogwarts™ Express train from King’s Cross Station, featuring a railway bridge with a clock and steps leading to Platform 9¾™, moving brick wall entrance, ‘Wanted’ poster and Daily Prophet newspapers, plus a train toy and carriage with 4 seats and removable side panel and roof. Order candy from the Trolley Witch, fly the Dementor™ into the carriage and recreate fantasy realm scenes from blockbuster Harry Potter™ movies. This great LEGO Harry Potter gift also includes 5 mini-figures plus Dementor and Scabbers™ figures.

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LEGO City Trains Express Passenger Train (60337)

Toy Express Passenger Train.

The LEGO City Express Passenger Train set (60337) includes a remote-controlled bullet locomotive with working, dimmable headlights and LEGO Powered Up technology, a restaurant car, passenger coach, station platform, 24 track pieces and 6 mini-figures for endless hours of train-themed role play.

Designed for kids and train enthusiasts, this amazing buildable toy train set comes with an easy-to-follow building guide for each model. Kids aged 7+ can choose to build independently or join friends and family members for an awesome group build-and-play experience.

LEGO City playsets take kids to the heart of the action with realistic vehicles, feature-rich structures and inspiring characters. Kids learn about the world around them as they play out stories and scenarios that depict life in a fun and exciting way.

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent (31132)

Viking adventures with a rebuildable 3-in-1 toy set.

Children aged 9+ can role-play exhilarating action with this LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent (31132) building set. It includes a traditional Viking Ship model adorned with 8 shields, a ballista stud shooter, a brick-built cow and 2 brick-built ravens, as well as a pose-able Midgard sea serpent so kids can play out fun scenes.

Gumtree tip: 3-in-1 toys inspire brilliant imaginative play

LEGO fans will be thrilled to build 3 different Viking toys with this action-packed 3-in-1 set. They can build a Viking Ship with a Midgard Serpent, a Viking house with a dragon, and a brick-built cow or a Fenris wolf next to a tree with hidden jewels. Each build comes with 4 Viking mini-figures.

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 gives kids all they need to enjoy countless hours of fun with 3 different models to build in every set! Each detailed model can also be taken apart and rebuilt into whatever they dream up. Choose from an amazing range of 3-in-1 sets, including ships, houses and submarines.