Gumtree Community Guidelines

People powered

Our platform is powered by real people – buying, selling, hiring, searching and connecting. There are no Robots here, no algorithm overlords. Just real people, selling and finding real things. So the first rule of Gumtree? Be respectful, be kind and be helpful to each other. We reserve the right to block any users who are reported for abusive, harmful or discriminatory content.

Trust your gut

It’s important to us that our site is safe and we have a number of measures in place to keep it that way (thanks to some really clever tech and a team of experts). To help our community stay safe, aware, and informed we have extensive safety information on our site and you can report any worrying activity to us via our Help Desk. But we encourage everyone to use their best judgment and to walk away if anything about a transaction doesn’t feel right to you. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Less is more

We connect real people on Gumtree, this is what drives our site. However, we strongly encourage our users to think about the personal information they share. Much like a first date, you don’t want to give too much away! Use our secure messaging system to speak to each other, and only reveal personal information when you’re ready to buy/sell. Never share payment information or pay a deposit before you’ve seen an item in real life.

No time-wasters

Yes a Good Find could be that vintage lamp, but a true Good Find on our platform is someone who replies to messages quickly and politely, is clear on price expectations, explains if they’re no longer interested (or an item has sold), and keeps to any arrangements made (e.g. viewing an item, having a call etc.) We want to build a community based on trust and respect, which is why you’ll find ratings on our sellers, including their response rates.

Keep it clean and legal

We don’t allow illegal activity on Gumtree and we prohibit any activity that could cause harm – this includes individual harm (e.g. abusive messages, scams, physical harm, stolen items), animal welfare issues (e.g. all pet-related ads should meet PAAG’s industry standards on the sale of animals online), environmental harm (e.g. illegal waste removal and scrap metal collecting). If you believe you have identified potentially illegal activity on our site, report it to us immediately.

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