Vauxhall Astra Review

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Having been around since 1979, there’s hardly a doubt that the Astra is among Britain’s favourite cars. In fact, it’s the third-best-selling car of all time in the UK. Made in Ellesmere Port, Merseyside, this humble car has hit our roads in all shapes and sizes – vans, coupes, hatchbacks, convertibles. But the family-friendly estate is the most loved of all, offering all the space and practicality you need in an everyday motor, with top-notch safety to boot.

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What we think about the Vauxhall Astra

Woven into the UK’s automotive DNA, the Vauxhall Astra is a delightful car that has remained among the best-in-class since launch.



Lots of engine choice


Fun to drive


Proven track-record


Rivals have better rear seating space

Drive isn’t too exciting

Given that they’ve been around for more than four decades, you can find Astras from all seven generations in the used car market. The latest generation has been around since 2015 and includes a five-door hatch variant. Vauxhall has always been known for plenty of choice with engines and trims, too, like the entry-level Design and the tech-focused Elite.

Driving performance of the Vauxhall Astra

Our Driving Rating8 / 10

While the Astra is good with sprints, its best performance is with marathons. If you plan to put miles on your car, the Astra is one of the best choices around. It serves well as a family car and it’s a reasonably fun drive, though nothing to write home about. The aerodynamics are quite thorough and it handles corners very neatly, with little to no body roll. All in all, the reliable Astra does its best work balancing fun and family.

Safety and reliability of the Vauxhall Astra

Our Safety Rating8 / 10

Since the 2004 generation, the Astra has consistently received a five-star rating in Euro NCAP safety tests. Even the generations before that scored four stars. Six airbags, Isofix child seat anchor points, traction control and an anti-lock braking system – which allows for more driver control on wet, snowy and gravelly roads – have been standard on all trims since 2009. The newer cars get even more safety equipment, like parking assist and cruise control. At one point, Vauxhall was giving out a lifetime warranty, but that is no longer available. Car owners don’t seem to care too much though, which just goes to show the quality of build on this renowned British motor.

Under the bonnet of the Vauxhall Astra

Our Engine Rating9 / 10

The Astra has seen many engine changes over the years, but all range between 1.0-litre and 2.0-litre petrols and diesels. There’s no sports version in the current generation’s line-up, as engine choice maxes at 1.4 litres – which means 0-60 mph in 9.7 seconds is the best you’ll get. But the good news for keen drivers is that the Astra is a favourite in the used car market, and it’s a breeze to find the older ones with bigger engines. Sportier performers include the GTE, GSI and VXR iterations.

What you'll find in the Vauxhall Astra

Our Design Rating8 / 10

Vauxhalls have always a packed a punch in the looks department. The brand’s new owners, PSA Peugeot, have only amped up the styling. First seen in the fourth generation, sharp lines with a swept-up lip on the rear continue to this day, both in the estate and hatchback variants. From the sixth generation on, the hatchbacks have taken in considerable design cues form the good-looking Vauxhall Insignia. The latest generation is all about sculpted looks with sharp creases running down the sides, and the Astra does well with design in all its various avatars.

Comfort and interiors in the Vauxhall Astra

Our Comfort Rating7 / 10

Interior styling is among the many strong suits of the Astra. Good build quality and spacious interiors are a given in most generations. Cabins are usually packed with little cubbies for storage and you’ll not often want for more space. It’s a good all-round choice for growing families who want a reliable machine that works for years to come. Even six-foot adults can very easily fit in the rear seat of the hatchbacks, and they’ll feel reasonably comfortable on long journeys. Boot space has stood at a reasonable 370 litres for the last two generations.

Vauxhall Astra interior dashboard

What features you'll find in the Vauxhall Astra

Our Features Rating8 / 10

There’s no doubt that the Vauxhall is a great value-for-money car. Even entry-level trims come with a lengthy standard kit – expect most cars on the market to have a decent infotainment system, remote locking, heated mirrors and air-conditioning as standard. The entry-level models on the latest generation also include 16-inch alloy wheels, electric windows, automatic lights, tinted rear windows and a seven-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth and DAB radio. Higher-level trims include better sound systems, 18-inch alloy wheels, a heated windscreen, perforated leather seats and better sat-nav.

What fuel efficiency to expect from the Vauxhall Astra

Our Fuel Consumption Rating7 / 10

Fuel efficiency is really a matter of engine choice with the Astra, but they all generally do well compared with their rivals. The 2009 generation hatchbacks give anywhere between 34 and 68 mpg. The 1.6-litre EcoTec engine from 2015 performs best at 85.6 mpg and the equivalent petrol gives 45.6 mpg. The facelifted models from 2019 average anywhere between 54 and 64 mpg – a very commendable performance in the class. The mid-range diesels are the best choice if you’re looking to balance performance and efficiency.

Running costs of the Vauxhall Astra

Our Cost Rating7 / 10

Astras generally fall within insurance groups 14-20, which is on par with rivals. On the latest generation, emissions stand between 129 g/km and 133 g/km. Emissions on the entry-level engines in the facelifted 2019 models can get you attractive BiK tax savings, and the diesels cost less to maintain in general. Vauxhall’s warranty and service offerings are a strong suit with plenty of customisability, so there are definitely no problems on that front. Check the service history before making a purchase, because cars nearing the 100,000-mile mark will need a cambelt change soon.

Our verdict of the Vauxhall Astra

4.0 rating

4 / 5 Gumtree rating

The Vauxhall Astra is a standout in the family car segment, bringing practicality and value for money to the masses, without compromising on build quality.