Toyota Camry Review

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4.5 rating

After 14 years in the wilderness, the Toyota Camry returned to UK shores in 2019. Despite not making a splash during its first UK outing, the Camry is an exceptionally popular family saloon car, with almost 19 million global sales throughout its 40-year existence. The large saloon is a totally different beast with this reintroduction. Previously a petrol model, the new Camry is only available as a petrol-electric hybrid, setting it as competition to the economical offerings of Ford, Volkswagen and Skoda. A spacious and stylish alternative for all of your family adventures, this hybrid car will take you anywhere.

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What we think about the Toyota Camry

The Camry provides the security of an SUV with the comfort of a saloon, making it a solid all-rounder.



Smooth and easy to drive


Impressive boot space for a saloon


Economical hybrid engine


Limited power in Eco mode

A car for comfort, not pure enjoyment

Toyota offers the new iteration of the Camry in two trims – the LE, available in AWD (all-wheel drive), and the XSE Hybrid. The 2.5-litre petrol engine dominates the range, but it’s worth noting that AWD is only available with LE. Think of it as a cost-effective, comfortable choice.

Driving performance of the Toyota Camry

Our Driving Rating8 / 10

Both trims are available in petrol or hybrid versions. At every trim level, the Camry achieves impressive and reliable miles per gallon – provided you don’t put your foot to the floor – and you’ll cruise through town and countryside with very little wind noise or distractions. The smooth handling is challenged by its thinner tyres, though the adjustable suspension system allows for a pleasant drive. The Toyota Camry’s braking will take some getting used to, but it boasts an automatic transmission that’s better than most. That said, we still wouldn’t recommend chasing its top speed.

Safety and reliability of the Toyota Camry

Our Safety Rating8 / 10

Toyota’s legacy of well-built cars continues with the Camry. Both trims come with impressive safety features, including LED headlights and autonomous emergency braking when a pedestrian is detected. Toyota’s lane departure warning system also comes as standard – a camera detects if the car is veering out of its lane, triggering a dashboard warning. To top it off, the adaptive cruise control accelerates or decelerates to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead. When Euro NCAP gets its hands on the most recent Camry for a crash test, we’re confident it’ll score highly.

Under the bonnet of the Toyota Camry

Our Engine Rating8 / 10

The Camry is only available as a hybrid in the UK. However, its 2.5-litre dual petrol engine still offers an impressive kick – with a 218 bhp engine, it can reach 0-62 mph in approximately 8.0 seconds. The Camry’s fuel economy delivers impeccable results too, striking an average of 53.3 miles per gallon and C02 emissions of just 98 g/km. The AGC (auto glide control) ensures that the engine shuts off when the driver’s not accelerating – especially useful in urban environments.

What you'll find in the Toyota Camry

Our Design Rating7 / 10

The LED headlights and alloy wheels give this eco-friendly saloon some elegance, while its muscular dimensions wouldn’t be out of place on an SUV. At just under 5 metres long, the Camry shouldn’t prove too tricky to manoeuvre during your weekly shopping, and its 524 litres of boot-space will certainly prove helpful. One unfortunate design detail is a boot-lid replacing the more convenient hatchback tailgate – a design feature that could make transporting bulkier items tricky. On the plus side, its thinner wheels boost its impressive fuel efficiency.

Comfort and interiors in the Toyota Camry

Our Comfort Rating8 / 10

The simple exterior continues inside, complemented by a range of high-tech infotainment systems from Toyota. Slide back into the luxurious leather seating and stretch your legs out – you’ll be able to, thanks to all of that front and rear legroom. Headroom is generous in the front seats, but a little tighter in the back – especially for taller passengers. USB ports will help to keep friends and family entertained. However, the infotainment system is slow to respond and lacks Apple CarPlay, a standard feature that’s usually available in modern cars.

What features you'll find in the Toyota Camry

Our Features Rating9 / 10

When it comes to features and specs, this saloon doesn’t disappoint. In the Toyota Camry, eco-friendly alloys, three-zone climate control and LED headlights come as standard. As an added bonus, if you splash out on the Excel version, your LED headlights will come with additional dual-beam fog lights. Plus, parents will be pleased to hear that the leather seating isn’t just comfortable – it’s also easy to clean. Toyota has pulled out all the stops to make this a family-friendly car!

What fuel efficiency to expect from the Toyota Camry

Our Fuel Consumption Rating9 / 10

For a saloon built like an SUV, the Toyota Camry delivers impressive fuel economy. Its design trim will give you 53.2 miles per gallon, emitting approximately 127 g/km of C02 emissions. If you decide to invest in the more expensive Excel model, you can expect a little less on the economy front, but an average of 51.3 miles per gallon isn’t a huge sacrifice to make. While its running costs are low, the Camry doesn’t meet London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standards, so you will have to pay the charge if driving in the capital.

Running costs of the Toyota Camry

Our Cost Rating8 / 10

The Camry has only been available for two years in the UK, yet few others can claim the same degree of reliability. Toyota is a recognised name in the hybrid industry, a fact underpinned by its approach to fuel economy. Impressively, there have been no recalls of the Camry to date. But even if you doubt some of Toyata’s claims, a five-year warranty and a gold standard in customer care across their UK dealerships should reassure you that you’re in safe hands.

Our verdict of the Toyota Camry

4.5 rating

4.5 / 5 Gumtree rating

While the Toyota Camry may not satisfy thrill-seekers, urban families and city workers will enjoy its impressive fuel economy and smooth drive.