Kia Ceed Review

Gumtree Rating

4.0 rating

If you’re looking for a safe and practical family car, there’s a huge range of options – but the Kia Ceed is definitely worth checking out. It’s on the smaller side, but is surprisingly spacious on the inside, and its excellent cargo space is a real standout feature that could sway your decision. It’s not lacking much, with solid performance and power, and a range of petrol, diesel, and hybrid engines available to give you more control over your emissions and fuel efficiency.

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What we think about the Kia Ceed

The Kia Ceed is a solid, affordable all-round family hatchback with impressive handling and power.



Comfy and enjoyable driving experience


Wide variety of engine options


Decent fuel efficiency


Generous manufacturer warranty


Not the most distinctive looks

Tech features are quite basic on the entry-level model

The Kia Ceed is available in six trims. The GDi comes with a 1.0-litre petrol engine, but opt for Trim 3 if you want dual-zone climate control, rear parking sensors and privacy glass. Meanwhile, both versions of the CRDi come with a 1.5-litre diesel engine. There are also three sporty GT trims on offer.

Driving performance of the Kia Ceed

Our Driving Rating7 / 10

It’s not exactly a thrill to drive, but the Kia Ceed definitely handles with the kind of smoothness and comfort you’d want from a car in its class. Later models are particularly precise and agile on turns, though the suspension can be a bit too soft sometimes, and the transmission is a little on the slow side. Upgrading to the Turbo GT might be worth your while if you can pay a little extra and you really want to enjoy hitting the open road.

Safety and reliability of the Kia Ceed

Our Safety Rating8 / 10

When it was last crash tested by Euro NCAP in 2019, the Kia Ceed achieved a four-star rating. This went up to five stars for the upgraded version of the model, which comes with a more advanced safety pack. It achieved an 88% score for how well it protected adults in the car, and 85% for how well it protected children on board. The Ceed comes with six airbags as standard, as well as high beam assist, driver attention warning and lane-keeping assist.

Under the bonnet of the Kia Ceed

Our Engine Rating8 / 10

The Ceed delivers decent power for a hatchback at its price point. The most basic, 1.0-litre version of the petrol engine provides 118 bhp, while the extra-efficient 1.6-litre diesel gives you around 114 bhp. Even more eco-conscious buyers could try out the petrol hybrid, which provides around 139 bhp. If you want a little more oomph, you could try out the 1.4-litre petrol – a quiet, refined unit that can also hit 60 mph from standing in under nine seconds. There’s also the top-line 1.6-litre Ceed GT, which will do 0-60 in 7.2 seconds.

What you'll find in the Kia Ceed

Our Design Rating7 / 10

The Kia Ceed is definitely a stylish vehicle, but one that doesn’t necessarily demand attention. It has a compact hatchback shape, with simple, sleek curves and lines that give it a low-key road presence. The nose of the car has a real feeling of elegance and precision, amped up by distinctive headlights and a thin, futuristic-looking honeycomb grille. If you’re a fan of LED daytime running lights, you’ll be pleased to know that the Ceed now has these as standard on all models.

Comfort and interiors in the Kia Ceed

Our Comfort Rating7 / 10

Inside the Kia Ceed there’s not a whole lot of style or sophistication, with a relatively bland design and materials to match. However, the cabin definitely feels solid and well made, and in terms of comfort, it outperforms many of its more expensive competitors. Legroom and headroom is very generous considering the relatively small dimensions of the car, allowing three adult passengers to sit in the back without much trouble, and the boot space is also excellent. With the seats up, you’ll have around 395 litres to fill up with luggage for a family outing.

Blue Kia Ceed

What features you'll find in the Kia Ceed

Our Features Rating6 / 10

Tech inside the cabin of the entry-level Ceed is quite basic, with an 8-inch infotainment screen on top of the dashboard that offers integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Many of the cabin’s core features, like volume and temperature control, are separate from the main screen, which is the preference of a lot of drivers. An upgraded JBL stereo speaker system is available in higher trims, but not as an add-on to the cheaper models. You can also get 16-inch, 17-inch, or 18-inch alloy wheels.

What fuel efficiency to expect from the Kia Ceed

Our Fuel Consumption Rating8 / 10

If fuel economy or sustainability are things that concern you when you’re buying a car, the Ceed should satisfy you. A 1.4-litre diesel engine will suit long-distance drivers, giving you around 60 miles to the gallon. There’s also a petrol hybrid available to keep efficiency as high as possible and emissions down to a minimum. It gives you around 188 mpg, and you can run on electric power alone for up to 35 miles. The basic petrol version of the engine can provide up to 50 miles to the gallon.

Running costs of the Kia Ceed

Our Cost Rating9 / 10

The Kia Ceed’s wide range of engine options means that you have some potential to keep your fuel costs down, particularly if you’re regularly going long distances and you opt for a diesel or hybrid. Choosing the eco-friendly petrol-hybrid will also allow you to get a bit of a discount on your road tax, and insurance premiums are lower than most cars in the same class. When you’re weighing up the Ceed against competing vehicles, a huge cost-saving feature to consider is the extremely generous seven-year manufacturer’s warranty that Kia offers to owners.

Our verdict of the Kia Ceed

4.0 rating

4 / 5 Gumtree rating

The Ceed is unlikely to blow you away, but it offers everything you'd want from its class and has great engine options for improved fuel efficiency.