Ford Mustang Review

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4.0 rating

UK car-enthusiasts were more glad than most that the world didn’t end in 2012. The reason? Ford had announced the sixth-generation Mustang for the very next year. It even came with the promise that it would leave the factory left-hand-drive ready – music to the petrolhead’s ears! First released in 1964, few cars have reached Mustang-levels in terms of popularity. While the Audi TT and the BMW 4 Series are among its European rivals, they simply can’t boast the same legendary status. The Mustang is a classic piece of Americana – instantly recognisable, thanks to its sharp lines and brawny aura.

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What we think about the Ford Mustang

The Mustang is unsophisticated but upfront about it. When you’re at the wheel, you feel like king of the road, and for good reason.



Serious muscle power


Lasting badge appeal


A decent price


A bit on the heavy side

Low fuel efficiency

Although the Mustang has been around since the ’60s, the most popular version in the European market is the 2015 generation. This Mustang has been made available in Fastback (aka Coupe) and Cabriolet forms. A 2018 facelift brought minor modifications in tech and features.

Driving performance of the Ford Mustang

Our Driving Rating8 / 10

In the quest for perfection, European cars are often measured by how good they are around corners, but the Mustang wants to test how good a driver you are. Raucous power, a low seating position and wider turns make this a daunting challenge for inexperienced drivers – and a thrilling beast to be tamed for petrolheads. It makes high-performance European rivals feel easy-going in comparison. The V8 Fastbacks are lighter and sit more comfortably on the smaller UK roads, while the EcoBoost is sharper around the corners. The automatic ten-speeds perform surprisingly well, responding quite quickly to driver inputs. When you drive a Mustang you don’t cruise – you gallop, thunder and bolt, and it’s seriously exciting.

Safety and reliability of the Ford Mustang

Our Safety Rating6 / 10

The Mustang comes fitted with a full set of airbags along with a host of driver assistance tech, and the traction and stability controls allow you to tune the car for either road or circuit. A pedestrian safety bonnet is also an added plus. In 2017, the Mustang unfortunately made news for its low two-star Euro NCAP rating. However, changes were soon brought in to get the standard three-stars for this American roadster. It should be noted that the low ratings were for child-occupant protection.

Under the bonnet of the Ford Mustang

Our Engine Rating8 / 10

The sixth-gen Mustang is made available with two engine options: the 2.3-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost or the 5.0-litre V8. The V8 is of course the most popular choice, swiftly going from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds, but the EcoBoost isn’t far behind at 5.8 seconds. Top speeds differ by 10mph – 145mph on the EcoBoost and 155mph on the V8. You can enjoy the car in four driving modes: Normal, Sport+, Track and Snow/Wet, and Drag Strip.

What you'll find in the Ford Mustang

Our Design Rating8 / 10

Looks have been the strongest suit for Mustangs across generations and the latest one is no different. The pillarless design between doors differentiates it from the previous iterations significantly, making it look a touch more modern. The poised retro looks also allow for a more contemporary appeal, while still carrying that signature silhouette. As always, hallmark LED lights and bumper-grille style make the Mustang an absolute stunner. The long, sculpted bonnet adds to a muscular look, which you’ll find holds up in both the Cabriolet and the Fastback.

Comfort and interiors in the Ford Mustang

Our Comfort Rating7 / 10

Interior styling is quite brutish, in keeping with the retro character of the Mustang. The 2018 facelift replaced the analogue dashboard dials with a standard 12-inch digital screen. European rivals do perform better with luxury interiors but are accompanied by an equally luxurious price point. There’s no dearth of practicality here though – the boot space, for example, is much bigger compared to rivals. Highly adjustable seats make getting a comfortable driving or passenger position a breeze, but, like most coupes, the rear seating isn’t something to boast about.

Ford Mustang interior dashboard

What features you'll find in the Ford Mustang

Our Features Rating8 / 10

LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, keyless start, rear parking sensors and 19-inch alloys are standard across all Mustangs. Sat-nav, leather sport-trims and heated seats are standard only on the V8, along with the much more important GT badge. The digital screens are accompanied by a Sync 3 infotainment system that connects with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Standard on the GT, it’s worth spending the few extra bucks for the Bang & Olufsen premium sound system.

What fuel efficiency to expect from the Ford Mustang

Our Fuel Consumption Rating6 / 10

The Mustang falls short on fuel efficiency, but that’s to be expected – thrill-seekers can probably give the Mustang a pass here. The more frugal EcoBoost officially gives about 31.7mpg, while the V8 figures stand at 23.7 mpg. No start-stop is partly to blame for the lower fuel efficiency compared to rivals. A large 61-litre tank allows you to drive for a distance of around 250 miles before you need to stop for fuel.

Running costs of the Ford Mustang

Our Cost Rating7 / 10

Low fuel efficiency translates to higher running costs. However, the cheaper initial price point, relative to some high-performance rivals, compensates for this well. Both the V8 and the EcoBoost fall in the highest tax bracket, even though the Ecoboost is much greener with emissions of 204 g/km compared to the V8’s 278 g/km. The three-year, 60,000-mile warranty is similar to that of rivals, but the biggest plus point here is that servicing is much cheaper than that of luxury carmakers.

Our verdict of the Ford Mustang

4.0 rating

4 / 5 Gumtree rating

With hundreds of pre-orders, this Mustang was a headline-maker since it was announced. Ford has delivered all that their friends from across the pond asked for: brute force, muscular looks and impressive driving.