Ford Focus Review

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4.5 rating

When it comes to the Ford Focus, ‘popular’ is an understatement. With over one million models registered on our roads annually over the last decade, it’s one of Britain’s favourite cars. Feature-filled and decently roomy, this hatchback has even more generous cabin space with the most recent Focus generation (2018). A value-packed price tag makes the Ford Focus an affordable car for any family or first-time buyer. Just in case you still need convincing, the fuel-efficient Eco-Boost range means there’s no need to sacrifice your green credentials. Reliable, affordable and eco-conscious – talk about having your cake and eating it.

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What we think about the Ford Focus

With a smooth drive and safe reputation, it’s easy to see why the Ford Focus is one of Britain’s favourite multi-door hatchbacks.



stylish interior


can be personalised with high-tech touchscreens


fuel-economy and smooth cornering


rear-seating design is a tight-squeeze for most adults

acceleration lacks a feeling of raw power

transmission can feel sticky

The 2018 Ford Focus is as smooth as it is slick, thanks to the all-new C2 architecture used across Ford’s compact cars. The Focus is available in fuel-saving petrol, diesel and Eco-Boost ranges. Prices tend to be mid-range, so you can be sure you’ll get quality without having to over-stretch your budget.

Driving performance of the Ford Focus

Our Driving Rating8 / 10

The Ford Focus expertly balances comfort with performance by providing different suspension configurations depending on the engine that’s right for you.

The 1.5-litre Eco-Blue Diesel and 1.0-litre Eco-Boost engines skip the fancy extras with a twist-beam suspension set-up that results in a reliably smooth drive. The 2.0 litre Diesel model gives you a multi-link suspension that adds precision to handling while making any bumpy journey feel smooth. The Eco-Boost will keep your carbon footprint smaller while reducing fuel costs, thanks to its economic engineering. And best of all there’s no loss of power, with options from a respectable 118 to a more fired-up 148 horsepower.

Safety and reliability of the Ford Focus

Our Safety Rating8 / 10

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points on the Ford Focus is that it’s easily one of the safest cars on British roads, receiving a five-star rating from Euro NCAP since 2012. Reputation meets innovation, as Ford complements its auto-braking system with its evasive steering assist, which uses a camera and radar technology to detect slow-moving or stationary cars ahead. Keeping you in between the lines, the Focus’ lane assist system will help hold you comfortably in the centre of the road. Seatbelts are inflatable for added protection, so it’s not hard to see why the most recent model earned a 96% and 87% crash-test rating for adults and children respectively.

Under the bonnet of the Ford Focus

Our Engine Rating7 / 10

Despite the engine not being too laggy, the Ford Focus’ six-speed transmission can be sticky with a noticeable gap between second and third gear. That being said, the clutch and throttle remain smooth and precise, so it’s unlikely to ruin your driving experience. It’s available in petrol or diesel, with the most popular range being the EcoBoost 1.0 litre three-cylinder engine. A green machine that still gives you the same power, it has variants of 123 brake horsepower and 153 brake horsepower. While it’s not the fastest out of the block, it’ll still reach 62 mph in either 10.0 seconds or 9.2 seconds, dependent on petrol or diesel. And with a top speed of 155 mph, the Focus’ power is certainly nothing to sniff at.

What you'll find in the Ford Focus

Our Design Rating8 / 10

The Ford Focus may have an eyecatching array of colours, from metallic blue to ingot silver, but it hasn’t revolutionised its recognisable design. However, newer models have a more aerodynamic shape, depending on the trim you choose. Its sheet metal profile passes quietly through windy territory, with a longer wheelbase (the space between the front and rear axle) and all-round sleeker profile. Revolutionary looks have never been the Focus’ reputation, that said its 4.38m length and 1.98m width give you plenty of space to stretch out inside.

Comfort and interiors in the Ford Focus

Our Comfort Rating8 / 10

Comfort in classic style seems to be the mantra of this Ford. Those of you reaching above the six-foot mark may have feared the hatchback in the past, but this needn’t be the case with the surprisingly spacious newer Focus. They’ve cleverly removed the transmission tunnel to provide more generous legroom, meaning the fight to avoid the middle backseat is no longer an issue. The boot space, unfortunately, lacks some of the family-friendly love shown to other design features. Simple additions like ‘sticky dividers’ could’ve been helpful, as they would prevent your shopping from rolling around on weaving roads.

Ford Focus Interior

What features you'll find in the Ford Focus

Our Features Rating8 / 10

Ford’s engineers have put in some serious effort with the layout of their latest specs and consumer-friendly gadgets, and while not everything comes as standard, there are some exciting innovations available. The Ford Co-Pilot360, designed to help drivers avoid collisions, includes technologies like a reversing camera, automatic emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring system. Adaptive Cruise Control comes with Stop and Go and Lane Centring to keep you driving safely and smoothly, plus the updated Active Park 2 feature makes parking a breeze. The Focus’ multi-media interface is raised, making it easy to reach and navigate, while Bluetooth comes as standard on models released after 2011 – so no stressing over the aux cord!

What fuel efficiency to expect from the Ford Focus

Our Fuel Consumption Rating8 / 10

The Ford Focus enjoys excellent fuel economy in newer models thanks to its 46-litre fuel tank, which means you can go further for less. It reaches an impressive 67.3mpg (miles per gallon) if you’re using diesel and an equally decent 55.4mpg if you prefer petrol. The car’s CO2 emissions depend on your model, ranging from 88 grams per kilometre (g/km) for the diesel models to 118 g/km for its EcoBoost range.

Running costs of the Ford Focus

Our Cost Rating9 / 10

Given its enviable safety and performance ratings, insurance for the Focus won’t cost you the world. As always, this depends on the trim you choose, with insurance beginning at group 7 for some Studio models. When you’re shopping around, be aware that the sport ranges, such as the ST Line, are in a higher bracket of powerful petrol cars, so prepare to pay extra to keep them covered. Ford guarantees the Focus for three years or up to 60,000 miles – even for second-hand buyers since it carries over with the car.

Our verdict of the Ford Focus

4.5 rating

4.5 / 5 Gumtree rating

Flashier hatchbacks might offer up more thrills, but a smooth drive, powerful engine and top-notch safety features make the Ford Focus just the ticket for families and first-time drivers.