Top Ten Cars for Dog Owners

Owning a dog and owning a car are perhaps two of life's greatest joys, but it's not always fun to transport a canine in the back of your vehicle, even for shorter journeys. So if you're thinking of buying a car that will regularly house your hound, you should make sure that it's suited to the needs of man's best friend. In this guide, we'll show you ten big cars that offer plenty of convenience and practicality, allowing you to accommodate your furry friend easily, either in the rear seats or back in the boot.

SKODA Superb estate

1. Skoda Superb Estate

With around 660 litres of boot space and a roomy cabin, you’ll be able to get even the largest of dogs into the Superb Estate. Skoda’s spacious people carrier offers more interior real estate than almost any other car in its class, and it even rivals vehicles at much higher price points. Despite its mammoth proportions, it also handles extremely well, and its easy manoeuvrability and soft suspension will allow you to travel long distances without causing your pet any distress.

Peugeot Rifter

2. Peugeot Rifter

What Peugeot’s boxy Rifter lacks in flashy style it more than makes up for in practicality. The French manufacturer’s van-like family car has acres of interior space and a big boot, so you’ll have no problem loading your canine cargo in and out. It’s one of the most affordable new cars for its size, and you’ll also appreciate its engine line-up. It has a few satisfyingly powerful petrol and diesel units that are also highly efficient, meaning you’ll save even more on fuel costs in the long term.

Ford Focus Estate

3. Ford Focus Estate

Ford’s family-oriented Focus model has been a huge hit for the American manufacturer. With the most recent Estate version, it’s clear to see why. It offers a smooth and enjoyable driving experience, a roomy, luxurious interior and a distinctive aesthetic that many leading SUVs struggle to compete with. If you need enough space inside your car to regularly transport a dog, but you don’t want to sacrifice fun or style, the Ford Focus Estate is well worth a look.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

4. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

For pedigree pooches who prefer to travel in style, there aren’t many vehicles to match the E-Class Estate. It has all the power, refinement, and elegance that you’d expect from a Mercedes-Benz, along with a conveniently cavernous interior to suit even the biggest or fussiest of dogs. With the seats up, you’ll have 640 litres of space in the back, and this can be expanded to a maximum of 1820 litres by folding the seats flat. Your pet is sure to appreciate the luxury that comes as standard with such a prestigious brand.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

5. Land Rover Discovery Sport

Few cars are more suited to the natural world than the Land Rover, and the Discovery Sport is ideal for travelling with your pet. It’s one of the easiest vehicles for loading and unloading a dog, and if you fold the seats down they can enjoy up to 1800 litres of space. A smooth ride is guaranteed for dog and driver, even with the toughest off-road detours, and you’ll have great visibility in the front seats. It also offers some quick, efficient engines, with the petrol hybrid helping you to protect the environment for animals of all kinds.

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

6. Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

Another practical estate car with a sizeable boot, this iteration of the Corolla stands out on our list due to the quality of its driving experience. If your dog is upset by bumps and body roll, it doesn’t matter how much room they have inside a vehicle. There are roomier cars than the Touring Sport, but its great suspension and smooth steering allow you to protect your pet from the stress of long drives. It also has a decent amount of driver assistance tech to keep both man and beast safe and sound, and some eco-friendly hybrid engines.

BMW 5 Series Touring

7. BMW 5 Series Touring

As a prestige all-rounder, BMW’s executive estate car is hard to beat. Dog-owning fans of German luxury might also be drawn towards the slightly larger interior of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate (see number 4 on this list), but if your pet doesn’t need all that space, you can make the most of the superior handling offered by the 5 Series Touring. It’s also surprisingly cheap to run, with small but powerful petrol-hybrid engines offering great fuel economy to offset its top-end price tag.

Skoda Fabia Estate

8. Skoda Fabia Estate

For dog-owning motorists on a budget who don’t necessarily need the acres of space offered by larger estate cars, the Skoda Fabia Estate is a slick, affordable solution. Its boot is generous without being gargantuan, and the cabin’s more compact dimensions are compensated by its excellent material quality and onboard tech. It earned a five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP, and you’ll love the savings that you make on fuel costs thanks to its highly efficient petrol engines.

Volvo V60

9. Volvo V60

Volvo’s estate cars are always geared towards the needs of families, and that includes the four-legged members. The V60 is the manufacturer’s flagship model in this class, and it brings all the practicality you’d expect without skimping on the little luxuries that make driving fun. A large boot and interior cabin will be welcome to pooches of the largest proportions, and humans will enjoy the quality onboard tech and comfortable seating layout. There’s also a great hybrid electric engine, alongside the petrol and diesel alternatives.

Audi RS4 Avant

10. Audi RS4 Avant

If you have a medium-sized dog that appreciates the finer things in life, we’d definitely recommend the Audi RS4 Avant. Its maximum boot size is around 1400 litres, which should be plenty of space for an average dog to travel comfortably. The quality of materials in the cabin is excellent, and a 3.0-litre petrol engine brings a fair amount of pep. It’s also one of the most stylish cars on this list, with a distinctive aesthetic that blends rugged muscularity with sculpted elegance.

Any of the cars on this list would be ideal for your dog, with even the most road-averse pets sure to be calmed by their big, practical interiors. Take a look at our used car listings and pick out a comfortable canine carriage that will cater to your pet’s needs.

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