Best Used Two-Seaters

Whether you're after a fashionable second car or simply looking to feel the wind in your hair when you're out for a drive, a stylish two-seater could be the car for you. Check out this list to find out more about some of the best two-seaters to suit a range of budgets and driving styles.

black smart roadster
Photo by dave see

1. Smart Roadster

This fun, sports-style coupe has distinctive Smart looks and is great to drive. The Smart Roadster is available with removable hard-top roof panels or as a soft-top convertible. If you’re looking for out-and-out style, go for the convertible, though the coupe is slightly more practical and almost as fun-looking. Both are prone to roof leaks, so check this regularly and park it somewhere covered. Do a little browsing of the used market and you’re sure to find a bargain on this quirky two-seater without much trouble.

Blue Mazda MX5

2. Mazda MX-5

A beloved two-seater, the Mazda MX-5 is an eye-catching, sporty coupe. It comes with a 1.5 or 2.0-litre petrol engine – the smaller one is cheaper to run and more than capable of everyday driving. You can’t go wrong with either though, as they’re both efficient and well-balanced. As a bit of a bonus for a two-seater, the boot is large enough for a couple of holiday bags and there’s some storage in the cabin too. There’s a soft-top convertible version available – these models tend to be slightly cheaper for a given age and mileage, but leave you more exposed to the weather than the folding-roof coupes. Taller people tend to find the MX-5 a bit tight on headroom, so be sure to test drive with the roof up and down.

white vauxhall vx220
Photo by kenjonbro

3. Vauxhall VX220

Though it was designed alongside the much pricier Lotus Elise, the Vauxhall VX220 is a great value convertible that handles well. While it can be a touch tricky in wet or icy conditions, it takes corners beautifully and offers better visibility than most small two-seaters. Check that any repairs have been done with Vauxhall parts and avoid models with racing modifications (unless you’re planning on hitting the track) as they tend to use much more oil. Overall, the VX220 delivers everything you’d want from an affordable two-seater: it’s simple yet sporty, great on twisty B-roads, and it’s comfortable and smart inside. There’s not much luggage space, though, and the cabin is cosy with the roof up – it’s definitely a car designed for fair weather.

Red Alfa Romeo Spider

4. Alfa Romeo Spider

The Alfa Romeo Spider is an incredibly pretty soft-top convertible with buckets of character. It’s not just about good looks either, with the engines offering all the top-down thrills you could want. The diesel models tend to be more efficient, while the petrols are a little more fun to take out for a drive. It’s also more reliable than most Alfa Romeos, but there were recalls for some 2007 models, so be sure to check these have been dealt with. The Spider is a good touring car, but you’ll have to pack light on longer trips as the boot is quite small. If you’re after vintage car looks, this one has you covered too – it ran from 1966-94, and the earlier models are considered true classics.

Red Audi TT

5. Audi TT

This sharply styled petrol coupe is extremely popular – and with good reason. A masterful blend of performance, style and comfort, the Audi TT is solidly capable and great fun, with a high-class interior that makes you feel downright special. It’s technically a four-seater, but the rear pair are kid-size, and fitting a car seat back there means sacrificing most of the front legroom. There is a range of specs and trims available for the TT. Fancier, faster models and more drive wheels mean a bigger price tag, but the smaller engines are more than capable and all the interiors are gorgeous. The boot is large enough for a weekly shop or squashy holiday bags, too.

White Nissan 370Z

6. Nissan 370z

Coming with a little more road than others on this list, the Nissan 370z is a sporty muscle car with a distinctive-sounding growl. It’s a great value buy, especially if you go for the smaller (but equally fast) engine, though it does get through petrol quickly. Inside, the 370z feels a little bit cheap in the basic trim, but the first level up adds leather and other nice accents, so take that into account when browsing used. There’s plenty of room in the cabin, too, and a good range of safety kit including stability control. The 370z has also been designed to be difficult to steal, so having garage space for it isn’t as essential as with other two-seaters.

Blue Porsche Cayman

7. Porsche Cayman

Looking for that unbeatable Porsche thrill but without the price tag? Though it’s the cheapest Porsche on the road, the Cayman is still a premium car. Even the smallest engine option is incredibly speedy, and it’s got top-level sports car handling too – as you’d hope from the German brand. Inside, it’s beautifully designed with plush materials and plenty of space to stretch out. Although deals can be had buying used, the Cayman does still come with Porsche-like costs, at least compared to others on this least – its gorgeous looks and sporty speed mean it’s expensive to service and not terribly fuel efficient.

Red Jaguar XK

8. Jaguar XK

Available as a coupe or a convertible, the Jaguar XK is a stunning-looking sports car that’s a good value second-hand buy. Taller people will really appreciate the headroom and legroom on offer here – just not in the back, where the two seats haven’t much of either and are best used for storage. But taken as a two-seater, the XK has everything you’d want and more. It handles superbly and offers a comfortable ride, with a plush, high-quality interior. For any given engine and mileage, the convertible models tend to be slightly cheaper. You can also save by going for a model with a 4.2-litre engine rather than a 5.0-litre one – it’s slightly less powerful, but you’ll barely notice off the racetrack.

orange mini coupe
Photo by The NRMA

9. MINI Coupe

The MINI Coupe combines the brand’s iconic retro charm with sports car styling to create a cute yet lively looking soft-top convertible. It’s agile and spritely on the road, and even the smallest engine option is speedy and quick off the mark. Inside, you’ll find the classic Mini interior has been subtly tweaked to give it more of a race car feel, and there’s plenty of storage in the cabin and behind the seats as well as in the boot. The MINI Coupe even offers fairly good fuel economy to go with it’s grin-inducing performance. It’s worth noting that the engine is quite loud – but that just means everyone will turn to check out your stylish ride.

Blue Fiat 124 Spider

10. Fiat 124 Spider

A stylish option that can be had for a good price, this rear-wheel-drive convertible combines sharp looks and a soft, plush interior. The Fiat 124 Spider has a loud, punchy engine that doesn’t hang about, though there is quite a bit of body roll at high speed. That said, it generally handles really well, and the great visibility makes the interior feel practical as well as comfy. Leather accents, keyless start and cruise control are standard on all models, and some trims have leather seats too. This two-seater is a little short on cabin storage but has a boot big enough for trips away, which not many cars like this can claim.

Whatever your style and budget, there’s a two-seater to suit you! From stylish and economical convertibles to track-ready beasts, the used market is full of affordable options to put a smile on your face. For more information on individual models, check out a detailed review or browse our listings today.

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