Best Company Cars

What makes a good company car? That depends who you ask: are you buying vehicles for work use or to lease to employees as part of a salary package? Or are you considering leasing a company car for yourself? In this article, you'll find some of the best options for a company car, whatever your personal priorities or business needs.

Red Seat Ibiza

1. SEAT Ibiza

A pleasing, solid hatchback, the SEAT Ibiza is suitable for popping to a meeting or transporting people. Its smaller petrol engine options are cheap to tax and economical to run, and its insurance is attractively priced. Inside, it’s sturdy and well-assembled rather than luxurious, and has plenty of space for passengers or luggage. The Ibiza also has a good safety rating and all models feature active safety elements like automatic emergency braking, though older versions tend to have fewer of these. Straightforward and with good performance, it ticks all the boxes.

Orange Renault Clio

2. Renault Clio

Safe and comfortable, the Renault Clio is an everyday hatchback that’s easy to drive – perfect for a practical business pool car, or a great lease for a young family. It’s cheap to buy, tax and insure, and reasonably economical. The Clio is also fairly reliable, though newer models tend to be more so. More modern Clios are a little more glamorous than the older ones on the road, too. There’s a choice of several sizes of petrol engine and a diesel option, so you can select the one that best suits your needs and budget. Small and dependable, the Clio is one of the best company cars for tax purposes too.

Orange Citroen C3

3. Citroen C3 Aircross

The Citroen C3 Aircross is a small crossover SUV with an unaggressive yet striking appearance. Its engine is quiet and on the smaller side for an SUV, keeping costs down. Inside, the C3 Aircross is spacious and relaxing, with a movable rear seat that adds versatility. Automatic models are slightly jerky, but all versions have a natural if unexciting feel on he road and sensible front-wheel drive steering. Overall, the C3 Aircross does a good job of providing utility in a smart package. The simple tech offerings also make the Aircross one of the best company cars for benefit in kind.

Silver Ford Fiesta

4. Ford Fiesta

This speedy yet family-friendly hatch is incredibly versatile – and incredibly popular. The Ford Fiesta is efficient and great for town driving and on the open road, making it one of the best company cars for business trips. The front seats are roomy, though the interior is practical rather than classy, while the rear seats are more kid-sized. Both three-door and five-door versions are available, and the storage space provided is reasonable. Newer models come with active safety features like automatic emergency braking, and older models still rate well. The Fiesta is also fairly reliable, helping to keep ownership costs down.

Blue Volkswagen Passat

5. Volkswagen Passat

The Volkswagen Passat has been around for decades, so there’s a wide range of models currently on the road. Subsequent remodels of the Passat have added more prestige, and the most recent versions are truly classy. All versions are high-quality, efficient sedans with space to transport five adults comfortably, plus a large boot for any luggage. There’s an upmarket feel to the interior, especially on higher trims – though the entry-level models are generally very good for all years. There’s also a selection of engines on offer, so you can select one to meet your needs and budget.

Red Honda Civic

6. Honda Civic Type R GT

Instantly recognisable thanks to its iconic angular exterior, the driver-friendly Honda Civic Type R GT offers great value. Its 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine is surprisingly efficient, keeping taxes low and overall fuel cost down. Inside, it’s comfortable and plush, with plenty of legroom for two backseat passengers, and great boot space. The GT is fast, with rapid acceleration and a sporty driving feel, though it’s rather loud at high speeds. Safety features vary slightly for different years, but are numerous and include autonomous emergency braking. It’s also well-regarded in terms of reliability, which keeps pesky maintenance costs down.

Red Skoda Superb

7. Skoda Superb Estate

Offering excellent value for money, the Skoda Superb Estate is well built and roomy, with lots of high-quality passenger and cargo space. It’s available as a plug-in hybrid, too – very attractive in terms of road tax. Even the fossil-fuelled versions are reasonably efficient, though they don’t quite achieve the engine sound of a true premium car. Inside, the Superb Estate is well-made and comfortable in the front and back. From the driving seat, it feels well-balanced and easy to steer, and models with optional four-wheel drive are available. A great company car option, the Suberb Estate offers quality, reasonably priced practicality.

White cupra ateca

8. Cupra Ateca

The Cupra Ateca is a classy, medium-sized SUV with a medium-sized price tag. It’s a comfortable ride, and the interior is pleasingly luxurious, as well as versatile. The rear row of seats slides to vary boot capacity and backseat legroom, and both are good in all configurations. It’s quick off the mark and fun to drive while remaining quiet and confident at all speeds. The Ateca is a practical choice that’s well suited to lease agreements or general business use.

Blue Volkswagen Tcross

9. Volkswagen T-Cross

The compact SUV Volkswagen T-Cross is known for performing well both in town and on the open road. It’s available with relatively basic trims and small engines, keeping taxes and running costs low. The lower-powered petrol models are particularly efficient and quiet, but still offer a controlled and comfortable ride. Automatic versions are pleasingly smooth, and the manual models have a gearbox that’s intuitive to use, so everyone should find it easy to drive whichever option you go for. Though it’s not the most agile or the most fun, the Volkswagen T-Cross gets the job done in a competent yet understated way.

White BMW 330e

10. BMW 330e M Sport

The BMW 330e M Sport is the plug-in hybrid version of one of BMW’s most iconic luxury sedans. Opting for a plug-in hybrid greatly reduces taxes and running costs, making this prestige car accessible to a greater range of businesses. It’s best-suited to one or two adults, as the rear seats lack headroom and aren’t especially practical for car seats. As you’d expect, 330e M Sport is fun and involving to drive, without ever compromising its incredibly smooth feel. Features include a HUD, LED headlights and wireless smartphone charging. Arriving in a BMW 330e M Sport clearly shows you mean business.

Whatever you or your business are looking for in a company car, there’s one to suit. Need to know more? Check out our detailed reviews to get to know particular models. Once you’ve found the right fit, head to our listings to find a great deal.

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