Best Cars for the Most Boot Space

While style and speed are things we're all after in our next car, sometimes practicality has to take a front seat. In this article, find out more about ten cars with large boot space that can get you and all of your stuff where you need to go – without compromising on looks or power.

Grey Audi Q7

1. Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is an upmarket, premium SUV. It’s the largest of the Audi family, and you’ll notice its size on twisty country lanes and in town – but the Q7 does feel beautifully spacious inside. There’s room for seven, though passengers in the third row may want for head and legroom on longer trips. With all the seats up, the Q7 has room for a couple of suitcases; fold the seats down and you’ll have a huge 770 litres to fill. For such a massive SUV, both petrol and diesel models are surprisingly efficient, and there are mild and plug-in hybrid versions on the road too.

Grey Mercedes GLS

2. Mercedes-Benz GLS

Mercedes-Benz’s flagship SUV, the GLS, is a premium vehicle with vast amounts of storage space. It can seat seven and has the carrying capacity of a medium-sized hatchback even with the rear row of seats up – activate the electronic folding system to put those away and the boot space is enormous. There’s underfloor storage too, just in case that’s not enough. The GLS has plenty of power to move all that space around, though acceleration is a little lacking. There’s touchscreen-controlled infotainment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration to entertain passengers, and they’ll certainly enjoy the comfortable ride and luxurious interior.

Red Peugeot 5008

3. Peugeot 5008

With its rugged good looks, the Peugeot 5008 is a family SUV built for seven. There’s plenty of room in the front, and the middle row of seats is comfortable for three – you can even fit a couple of medium-sized adults in the third row too. As with most seven-seaters, there’s not much boot space with all the seats up, but fold the third row down and you’ll have more to work with. Inside, the 5008 feels solid and impressive. Some trims do come with fabric seats though, so check for any kid damage.

Silver Range Rover

4. Range Rover

The Range Rover is Jaguar Land Rover’s flagship car – and it shows. It’s regal and imposing, agile on country roads and thoroughly capable off the beaten track. There’s plenty of room inside for the driver and up to four passengers, and it’s a comfortable ride. With all the seats up, there’s a massive 900 litres of boot space available, too. It does come with an equally large price tag though, and even the plug-in hybrid version isn’t terribly efficient. Standard features include an automatic tailgate, as well as in-car navigation and digital TV.

Grey Tesla Model X

5. Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is tricky to define – it’s a big car with lots of boot space, but it’s hardly shaped like an SUV. It’s available in five, six and seven-seat configurations, with the third row of seats folding flat to increase luggage space. There’s extra storage under the bonnet too. The Model X is fully electric, with a stated range over 300 miles – though this isn’t always achievable. It’s well-calibrated for town driving and comes with renowned, specialist Tesla features, such as the ability to summon it from across car parks via an app. As you’d expect from this brand, it’s also incredibly fast and powerful when you want it to be.

Blue Kia Sorento

6. Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento is the biggest, fanciest Kia yet. It seats seven and has good boot space even with the rear row of seats up – or heaps of room with them down. Older models are slightly smaller but still spacious, and all versions have a reputation for great reliability. The diesel engine is quiet, if a little slower off the mark at the traffic lights than some cars on this list. The Sorento has a good range of safety kit as standard, including adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring.

Silver Mercedes e-class estate

7. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

Based on the E-Class Saloon, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate is a spacious estate car, offering a comfortable ride for five. An additional pair of seats are available as an option, though they’re only suitable for kids. With all of the rear seats folded down, the E-Class can take a mighty 1820 litres of stuff, and there’s plenty of cabin storage too. Both larger and smaller engine options cruise effortlessly and offer a quiet and brisk journey. Petrol and diesel models are both reasonably economical too, and there’s also a more recent plug-in hybrid version available.

Red Skoda Superb Estate

8. Skoda Superb Estate

The Skoda Superb Estate offers lots of space for a relatively low price. It’s got a massive 660 litres of boot space, as well as cabin storage and plenty of room for passengers. Inside, it’s comfortable and well made with good attention to detail, though it doesn’t quite feel like a premium vehicle. It’s reasonably efficient and is available in petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid models. Even the smaller engine options drive well in both manual and automatic versions, with easy steering and a powerful feel.

Black BMW X7

9. BMW X7

This refined SUV is BMW’s biggest and most luxurious flagship car. The X7 offers a refined driving experience and has an authoritative appearance. Inside, there’s space for seven, or you can fold the rear row flat to reveal masses of boot space. It offers a premium level of comfort and is great for long drives, though it feels very large in town and on small country roads. The standard list of features is a bit lacking, but models with the tech pack will include gadgets such as top-end speakers and a driver HUD.

Blue Volvo V60

10. Volvo V60

The Volvo V60 is a long, aerodynamic estate car with a roomy interior. Passengers will find it practical and comfortable – classy yet understated. It has plenty of boot space, and even more carrying capacity with the rear seats folded down. All models meet Volvo’s high standards for safety, and newer ones include active features such as pedestrian and cyclist detection, which can also spot large animals such as deer or moose. You’ll find it’s a relaxing drive and offers a smooth if unexciting experience with very competitive fuel consumption figures.

Whatever your budget and style, there’s something for you in our list of cars with room for luggage. We’re sure you’re raring to deep dive into your favourites, now that you know boot space doesn’t have to mean compromising on luxury and efficiency. To find out more about individual models, have a read of our detailed reviews or browse used listings today.

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