Best Cars for Insurance Group 1

Insurance can be expensive, especially for newer drivers, so it’s always worth factoring into your budget when choosing a car. Group 1 vehicles have the cheapest insurance on the road (the bigger the group number, the higher the insurance price), but low cost doesn’t have to mean low quality. Be sure to check the price of insuring individual models, however, as added extras can cause the price to rise. Simply read on to find out more about ten of our favourite cars in insurance group 1.

Blue Chevrolet Spark

1. Chevrolet Spark

Fun and quirky in appearance, the Chevrolet Spark is a compact hatchback that can seat up to four people. It’s reliable and cheap to run, as you’d expect, though spare parts can be difficult to find if repairs are needed. You’ll find two engine sizes on the road – 1.0-litre and 1.2-litre – so be sure to check the insurance cost for the individual model. Bother versions are ideal for city driving, with a smooth and manoeuvrable feel, but it can get a touch loud and struggle to overtake on faster roads. The interior space is a little tight for some adult passengers, but it’s overall comfortable and gets all the basics right.

Red Hyundai i10

2. Hyundai i10

Though it’s a budget-friendly city car, the Hyundai i10 doesn’t look or feel tinny. It’s quiet and steers well at all speeds, and seats five with reasonable legroom and a comfortable interior. It doesn’t have any parking sensors, but good manoeuvrability and a great all-round view mean this isn’t an issue. You’ll find plenty of high-quality infotainment features in the i10, especially on its fancier N-Line and Premium trims – though these may raise the insurance cost. While not the best for overtaking on the motorway, the petrol engine is more than powerful enough for town driving. Efficient, reliable and with a decent feature set, the i10 is one of the best cars for insurance group 1, year after year.


3. Smart ForFour

Distinctive and stylish, the Smart ForFour is a super-compact four-door car that’s designed for city driving. Though there’s plenty of space in the front, backseat passengers will want for legroom and headroom, especially in models with the optional sunroof. There’s not much boot space either, but the rear seats do fold flat for transporting luggage. In terms of features it’s an impressive loadout, coming with satellite navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, Android Auto and an infotainment touchscreen as standard. Available as a petrol or electric, the ForFour thrives in the stop-start traffic and tight streets of the urban jungle.

Orange Vauxhall Corsa

4. Vauxhall Corsa

Thanks to its stylish exterior and reputation for great reliability, the Vauxhall Corsa is one of the most popular hatchbacks in the UK. This means there are lots of options on the used market, so check the insurance cost of any you’re considering before committing. The Corsa comes in three-door or five-door options and has five seats, with enough space for adults in the back. Petrol and diesel engines are both available, as well as an electric model. It’s quick off the mark and fast enough for the motorway or open roads, which gives it the edge over some models on this list.

Orange Ford Ka

5. Ford Ka+

The Ka+ is the smallest Ford on the road, though it still has adequate boot space and reasonable headroom and legroom – even for taller adults in the backseat. Inside, it feels basic even in the highest trims, but this is in keeping with the very competitive price tag. The steering is well tuned, offering a comfortable ride on bumpy country roads, though the engine is loud at high speeds and has difficulty overtaking on the motorway. While both the petrol and diesel are less efficient than some rivals, they handle city driving with ease.

Red Citroen C1

6. Citroen C1

With fun styling and plenty of kit, the Citroen C1 is a consistently popular small city car. And you can see why: it’s efficient, cheap to run and reliable. The C1’s price tag is also very attractive. Unsurprisingly that does mean a less-than-luxurious interior – it’s plasticky, and you won’t find fancy features on any trim level. A retractable fabric roof is available if you choose the C1 Airscape though, and the air conditioning is surprisingly effective. You can fit four inside, but you won’t want to take too long a trip that way, as legroom isn’t palatial in either the three-door or five-door. On the flip side, the small size means it’s easy to park and agile in traffic.

Brown Fiat Panda

7. Fiat Panda

With its distinctive boxy shape, the Fiat Panda is a well-known and popular small car. It’s easy and predictable to drive, as long as you mostly want to keep to the city streets. The interior is reasonably good-quality and there’s good headroom for all passengers, as well as a large boot. Both petrol and diesel engines are available, as well as a wide range of trim options, so be sure to check the cost of insuring individual models. The Panda is also pleasingly cheap to run and get serviced. One drawback to note: in 2018, Euro NCAP changed the Panda’s safety rating to zero stars. If safety is a top priority, look to the other group 1 insurance cars on this list.

Red Skoda Fabia

8. Skoda Fabia

A medium-sized family hatch, the Skoda Fabia offers more space for passengers and luggage than any other on this list. Inside, it’s comfortable and practical, with plenty of room for adults, carseats or luggage. If you’re thinking about the school run and family trips, the Fabia is one of the best group 1 insurance cars. It’s in the lowest group thanks to its 1.0-litre engine, and though it doesn’t feel underpowered, it is reasonably composed. It’s efficient and cheap to run, with great reliability and a sense of all-round robustness. The Euro NCAP safety rating is also excellent, with features such as ISOFIX points for carseats, as well as active safety on newer models.

Cream Seat Mii

9. SEAT Mii

The SEAT Mii is a popular small city car and shares much of its design with the Skoda Citigo and VW Up. Though it only takes four, all seats are comfortable for adults, and the interior feels practical and well-built. It handles well and is versatile, and especially well-suited to driving in traffic. The Mii is also pleasingly easy to park thanks to its tight turning circle. Most Miis on the road are petrol, though the fully electric eMii is also an option – always check the insurance cost for the trim and engine you’re considering.

Blue Kia Rio

10. Kia Rio

With a sleek appearance and affordable price tag, the Kia Rio is a popular city car offering a good blend of performance and reliability. Its interior is reasonably high-quality and the boot is decently large relative to the size of the car. Running costs are low, especially for the smaller engine options that fall into insurance group 1, and it’s efficient, with low emissions. Models that have been on the road a while may be squeaky, but the Rio has a good safety rating and is generally reliable, which makes it a good option on the used market.

Cheap insurance doesn’t have to mean a tiny car, and a small budget still gives you plenty of options. If you want to know more about the best cars for insurance group 1, read our detailed reviews. Once you’ve found the model that’s right for you, head to our listings to start looking for that deal.

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