Best Cars for Cyclists

Just because you need a car doesn't mean you don't enjoy getting about on two wheels, under your own steam. That's why in this list, we're looking at the best cars for bikes. Whether that's a small car with innovative solutions or something larger that can comfortably accommodate family, bikes and luggage, we've got you covered. So read on if you're a cyclist and need to find a blessed bicycle and car union.

Blue Ford Galaxy

1. Ford Galaxy

In a market filled with SUVs, the Ford Galaxy is a refreshingly traditional MPV or ‘people carrier’. That means it’s built for, well, carrying people, and it can accommodate seven comfortably when you need it to – ideal for cyclists with a big family. It’s adaptable as well – with all seats flattened and thanks to its height, it offers van-like space that can easily swallow more than one upright bike. Access is made easy as well because of the wide, square tailgate, so getting your bikes in will be a doddle.

Black BMW 5 Series Touring

2. BMW 5 Series Touring

Another trend-bucker in a sea of SUVs is the estate car, and they don’t come much better than the BMW 5 Series Touring. The best thing about estate cars is that they have loads of boot space, especially with the seats folded flat. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean there’s any sacrifice on comfort and handling. This is a vehicle perfect for cyclists who love their four-wheel road-tripping as well, and with a BMW, you know you’re getting a driver’s car. Even the base-level 2.0 diesel has real pep alongside its good fuel economy.

Silver Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

3. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

An alternative to the BMW 5 Series Touring is the similarly-sized and equally premium Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate. Like the BMW, it’s been around for a long time and is still going strong, so there are plenty of options at all budgets. It’s fair to say that the BMW is a more engaging drive, but the E-Class is more than capable and majors on comfort and refinement. You also get a substantially bigger boot – one of the biggest in this category in fact, which is why it’s one of the best cars for bikes out there.

Orange Land Rover Discovery

4. Land Rover Discovery

If a high driving position and real off-road skills are more your thing, then the Land Rover is the 4×4 class leader to look to. The Discovery (or Disco to its friends) has been a staple of its range since 1989. You get seven seats that fold flat to give cavernous boot space, and any size of bike rack will be right at home on a Disco. The styling was always boxy and rugged but has softened into sleeker, modern lines in recent years – rest assured though, it’s still as capable as ever.

Silver Skoda Kodiaq

5. Skoda Kodiaq

The Kodiaq (from 2017) is Skoda’s first large SUV and it’s a seven-seater, meaning you can carry a few people or a few bikes (with the seats flat). The Kodiaq is one of the best cars for bikes primarily because of this space, but it’s also practical, comfortable and drives well. It’s good value too, being substantially cheaper than the equivalent Volkswagen stablemate despite sharing engines and parts. If you need seven seats, be aware that they’re not standard at lower trim levels, so check that the variant you’re considering has them.

Black Mini Clubman

6. MINI Clubman

The Clubman is the estate version of the MINI and landed in 2007, following on from the success of the hatchback. So, if you just can’t get enough of those cool, retro vibes but need a bit more space, BMW has you covered. It’s essentially a stretched MINI hatch with a squared-off rear-end that’s easily accessed by two sideward-swinging doors. It’s still a MINI, so getting bikes into the back will take some work, but it’s got a good-sized boot and there are plenty of bike rack options out there if you prefer. If you’re looking to take your bikes about but don’t want to be behind the wheel of a road-dominating behemoth, the Clubman is worth your time.

Red Skoda Superb Estate

7. Skoda Superb Estate

Another estate car makes our list, and for good reason. The practicality on offer with the Superb is excellent, and a lower ride-height means handling is often better than an equivalent SUV. Cyclists on more of a budget will find that the value for money is good too, as estates are usually cheaper and Skoda is the least expensive brand of the Volkswagen Group. The Superb is incredibly spacious, boasting a huge boot and excellent legroom. In terms of estates with class-leading load space, the only alternative is the Mercedes E-Class, but the Skoda is a lot cheaper.

Cream Citroen Berlingo

8. Citroen Berlingo

The second-generation (2008) Citroen Berlingo Multispace people carrier was based on the brand’s popular van. That shows in its exterior styling and simple interior, but if you want lots of space for throwing bikes in the back without paying a fortune, it’s a great choice. There are plenty of used bargains, and running costs will be low – especially with the 1.6 diesel, rated at 68.9 mpg. In 2018, Citroen released a new Berlingo, rebranding it as an MPV. It’s a real step up and feels far more car-like without sacrificing any practicality or economy.

White honda jazz

9. Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is small but clever – its ‘magic seats’ are things of cyclists’ dreams, as they can be folded and adjusted in various ways to carry tall or long items. Lifting up the rear seat bases will allow you to transport a bike with the front wheel removed and still have space for luggage (or another bike) in the boot. The seats also fold completely flat, including the front ones, to increase your loading options. You could even have a nap in there if you’re tired after your ride!

Red Dacia Logan MCV

10. Dacia Logan MCV

The Dacia Logan MCV is far and away one of the cheapest mid-sized estate cars money can buy. There’s a pretty large loading area for carrying bikes if you don’t want to use a rack, it’s cheap to run and the ride-quality is good. You get what you pay for mind, and base trim levels are sparse with adequate performance. You also won’t get the bragging rights of other brands, but if you want to drive a new or nearly-new car, its value for money is unquestionably brilliant. On that and its interior space alone, it definitely warrants its place as one of the best cars for bikes.

So, when it comes to taking your bike with you wherever you go, there really doesn’t need to be a limit. The market’s full of spacious, practical cars that appeal to cyclists. We’re sure you’ve already picked your favourite from our top ten, so head over to the listings and see what’s on offer.

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