Best Automatic Cars for Sale

When you simply want a car for a stress-free daily commute, the practicality of an automatic is undeniable. No clutch pedal and no manual gear change is a real blessing if your route involves start-stop traffic all the way. Not only that, but today's automatic cars are much more fuel-efficient than their manual counterparts, making them a top choice for city dwellers. From minis to SUVs, check out our rundown of the best automatic cars for sale today, and discover the perfect model for your needs.

Blue BMW 3

1. BMW 3 Series

German car-maker BMW has nailed the brief for a family saloon with the 3 Series. It’s a good-looking automatic that gives you all the thrills of driving wrapped up in a cosy package. Equipped with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, this vehicle comes with lots of standard tech to keep you comfortable, safe and entertained on the road. With plenty of engine choices and a long list of options, personalising the 3 Series for sport or luxury is a breeze. If you’re looking for an everyday workhorse with a dash of excitement, this BMW has everything you need.

Blue SKODA Kodiaq

2. Skoda Kodiaq

Available in both five and seven-seater options, the automatic-only Kodiaq is the ideal choice for a big family car that does it all. With this SUV, Skoda delivers practicality, ease of handling and refined styling in plenty of trims and powertrains. The cherry on the top is the enormous interior and boot space, which make the Kodiaq a reliable companion for errands, weekend shopping and longer road trips. A reliable allrounder, the Kodiaq is one of the best automatic cars for everyday use.

Red MercedesBenz AClass

3. Mercedes-Benz A-Class

With all engine choices available in auto transmission, Mercedes has paid special attention to driver comfort with the A-Class. Superb handling aside, this hatchback has all the signature hallmarks of a typical Mercedes: luxe interiors, badge appeal and best-in-class styling. Sufficient passenger and boot space make it a practical purchase as a family car too. A top contender in the upmarket small-car segment, the A-Class offers a refined driving experience.

White Tesla 3

4. Tesla Model 3

A fun machine that delivers incredible agility, Tesla’s Model 3 goes from 0 to 60 mph at the touch of the pedal in 3.9 seconds. This electric powerhouse is a quiet performer that lets you relax on motorways but delivers thrills when you want them. Without a doubt, this power and smooth handling make the Model 3 one of the best automatic cars to drive. On the inside, it’s a minimalist’s dream with nothing but a large touchscreen to take care of in-car entertainment. A practical boot and comfortable seating for four adults make the Model 3 a fun and ergonomic alternative to traditional saloons. Plus, it’s the cheapest Tesla on sale!

Silver Ford Focus

5. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is such a common sight on UK roads, it’s not surprising that it ranks among the carmaker’s best-selling models – and among the best automatic cars for sale right now. Available as an 8-speed automatic and with a range of efficient engines, this hatchback finely balances agility and comfort. The large boot can accommodate the whole family’s luggage, and there’s more than enough space for four adults. So, if you plan to frequent the motorways on weekends but need something small and nippy for your everyday commute, the Focus is a top choice.

Red Hyundai-i10

6. Hyundai i10

A stylish city car, the Hyundai i10 offers great value for money. This is especially true if you’re looking for top-of-the-line gadgetry to keep you entertained at rush hour. The 1.2-litre engine delivers punchy performance, and plain-sailing gear shifts make the daily drive effortless. Recent iterations have focused on practicality with better quality interiors and more boot space. What makes this car a great long-term investment is the incredible reliability associated with its Hyundai badge, topped off with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Yellow Porsche Boxster

7. Porsche Boxster

If you think an automatic transmission is uncharacteristic of the Porsche, the Boxster is here to prove you wrong. The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, known as the PDK, runs perfectly in sync with the beautifully crafted engines. Combined, the two deliver a thumping performance. This Porsche elevates the fun of zipping around corners with a smooth adrenaline rush and, right up there with the Model 3, it’s one of the best automatic cars to drive. It’s a thrill that’s not only enjoyable on motorways but is also practical when driving along packed city streets.

Grey BMW X7

8. BMW X7

This luxe BMW SUV for seven is a well-rounded drive that offers a fine balance of cruising and thrills. The eight-speed auto is slick and smooth, delivering comfort over sport – but not to the extent that you feel disconnected from the road by any means. Bold looks, plush interiors and lots of standard tech are part of this BMW’s package. Plus, a delightful amount of luggage space makes the X7 one of the best automatic cars in the family SUV segment.

white toyota corolla

9. Toyota Corolla

With 50 million units sold worldwide, this hatchback from Toyota ticks all the boxes for a practical and reliable city car. Available in two engine choices, the latest Corolla is equipped with an agile CVT automatic gearbox that delivers a quiet and cushioned ride. Both engines make use of a hybrid setup with low emissions, offering attractive savings in the compact car segment. All in all, the Corolla delivers best-in-class safety, high-tech gadgetry and practical interiors in a smart-looking package.

Blue Volkswagen Touran

10. Volkswagen Touran

A seven-seater with the capabilities of an MPV, the Touran brings practicality in heaps. Although its looks aren’t as exciting as rivals’, this VW has a sophisticated feel that is highly desirable for anyone looking for a relaxed and comfortable cruiser. And the seven-speed automatic gearbox is here to deliver. Well-designed interiors offer generous legroom and headroom, complemented by Volkswagen’s signature high-tech gadgetry. The easy-going Touran combines reliability, performance and economy to make the perfect all-round family-car.

A smooth, relaxed drive combined with better fuel economy make the best automatic cars hard to resist. Thankfully, the market is packed full of great choices across all segments. Search our listings to find the perfect automatic and make your daily commute more enjoyable.

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