Best 2-Seater Sports Cars That are Cheap

Supercars are...well, super, but they also tend to be super expensive. If you're looking for speed at the track or rapid acceleration on the road, as well as unmistakable designs inside and out, there's good news. Sports cars are often a much better bargain on the used market, and there's a wide range of models for everything from the race circuit to a speedy Sunday afternoon jaunt. Read on for some of our favourite two-seater sports cars that won't break the bank.

Red Audi TT

1. Audi TT

Fun and fast, this sharply styled petrol coupe is incredibly popular both on and off the track. You’ll want to splash out for a four-wheel-drive model for the best handling if you’re planning to race it. It has good front visibility and its rear parking sensors make up for the narrow view out the back, though you may want to go for a version with a rear camera. Most TTs on the road are automatic but manual models do exist, so look out for those. Inside, it’s gorgeously finished with a range of premium materials, offering a good amount of space as well as cabin storage and a reasonably sized boot. Who says a two-seater can’t be practical?

White Renault Wind

2. Renault Wind

The Renault Wind is a cute, quirky and distinctive-looking roadster-coupe. It feels keen on the road, with a crisp suspension and a gearbox that shifts sweetly every time. This two-seater is competitively priced compared to some of the other options on this list, too. The Wind’s squat, purposeful shape is interesting and attractive, but the flip-up roof doesn’t offer full drop-top looks. Country roads will fly by and the steering is well controlled – just keep in mind that it might not feel quite like a true track car in terms of pure excitement. It’s perfect for travelling in style, though, as there’s plenty of boot space for shopping or holiday bags.

Blue MG TF

3. MG F

The MG F is a refined, user-friendly sports convertible that’s fun to drive come rain or sun. Its price tag is very reasonable, and its insurance and running costs will make less of a dent in your wallet than many other sports cars. Inside, it’s spacious with the roof up or down and is practical for longer trips, thanks to its reasonably large boot and spare wheel. Leaks are quite common around the windows and the hard-top versions tend to be a bit rattly, so keep an eye out for those issues. In terms of performance, the MG F is rear-wheel-drive and handles well, without being especially aggressive or overly demanding. Ideal for serene weekend drives.

Blue BMW Z4

4. BMW Z4

This rear-wheel-drive roadster is a fast and luxurious way to travel. The Z4 has accurate and controlled handling, although this isn’t so true for the older generation of hard-top coupe models. Modern and older versions of the soft-top convertible have that trademark BMW poise, as well as great body control. Despite this silky drive overall, it does feel a little large on the road, and it isn’t quite as agile as a true racer. The interiors certainly have much of the competition beat, though. Inside, the Z4 is all about sophistication, with a high-quality finish and features as well as an intuitive dashboard layout. Newer models provide gadgets such as a driver HUD and satellite navigation.

Red Alfa Romeo Spider

5. Alfa Romeo Spider

This characterful road tourer is pretty to look at and great fun behind the wheel. Petrol models of the Alfa Romeo Spider tend to be more exciting to drive but are less efficient than the more sensible diesels. The cabin is well-built but not quite finished to a premium standard, and the paint can chip a little easily, so be sure to check one over before you buy it. Roof leaks are reasonably common, so you’ll want to keep it somewhere covered. That is, whenever you’re not out and about speeding along country roads to show off its distinctive looks and admirable pace, of course.

Blue Mazda MX5

6. Mazda MX5

A true modern classic. With its iconic looks, the Mazda MX5 is an eye-catching car, whether you go for the convertible or the coupe. Its petrol engine comes in 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre options – the smaller option is more than capable on the road while the bigger one is best for racing. Unlike some on this list, the fuel economy is remarkably good here – the MX5 tends to meet its rated efficiency of 44mpg for the smaller and 40mpg for the larger engine most of the time. The controls are easy to use, making this rear-wheel-drive sports car well-balanced and enjoyable to drive. There’s a decent amount of boot space, too, plus storage inside the cabin.

Teal Morgan PlusFour

7. Morgan Plus Four

The Morgan Plus Four is a truly classic sports tourer. Though it’s been on the road since the 1950s, modern models are underpinned by up-to-date technology. You’ll usually encounter it as a six-speed manual – eight-speed automatics do exist, but they’re hard to get hold of and a bit juddery. The Plus Four is a feel-good car with great, engaging performance, and apart from being a bit of a handful on twisty B-roads, it’s seriously fun to drive. Inside, it’s gorgeous and classy, with charmingly manual controls. There is some space behind the seats, but if you’re planning on taking a reasonable amount of stuff, you’ll need an exterior luggage rack (and a waterproof suitcase).

black mercedes benz SLK

8. Mercedes-Benz SLK

A lightweight, premium car, the Mercedes-Benz SLK can hold its own on Britain’s backroads. There’s enough boot space for holiday packing, and the inside has headroom for all but the tallest drivers, even with the hard-top folding roof down. It’s not the most comfortable over potholes, but you probably won’t notice too much – you’ll just be enjoying the plush and stylish interior, fitted with leather and brushed aluminium as standard. As with many high-end cars, the SLK comes with a premium price tag, but it’s very efficient for a sports car, making it reasonably cheap to run. Plus, if you’re looking for a used two-seater sports car, there are deals to be had second hand.

Silver Porsche Boxster 986

9. Porsche Boxster 986

Though it shares some of its features with its supercar siblings, the Porsche Boxster 986 is surprisingly affordable. That means you can get the genuine Porsche experience for a very attractive price if you shop around. There are hard-top and soft-top convertible versions to choose from, plus three different engine sizes. All options have plenty of power for daily driving and produce that distinctive Porsche engine growl. The Boxster 986 handles incredibly well, with a sporty feel that gives you the confidence to push yourself. Inside, it’s built to the brand’s usual high standards, with a range of trim options for everything from multi-zone climate control to sports suspension.

Red Toyota MR2

10. Toyota MR2

Quick and surprisingly efficient, the Toyota MR2 is a dependable sports coupe designed with loving attention to detail. Features include cruise control, brake assistance and stability control, as well as a soft top convertible option. There’s not much space on board for stuff, but the seats are comfortable. Pre-2002 models have some common exhaust issues so check the service history if you’re considering one, though otherwise the MR2 shares Toyota’s fantastic reliability record and should last you well in the long run. Most MR2s on the road are manual, though there are some automatic models out there, too.

Whether you’re looking to hit the track or have a good time on a B-road, there’s a cheap two-seater sports car out there for you. To discover more about individual models, head to our detailed reviews or browse our car listings today.

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