10 Best Cars for First Time Driver Insurance

Passed your driving test with flying colours? Congratulations! But now's the time to invest in a car, and insurance companies can be a little wary of first-time owners. Most accidents happen to motorists in their first year on the road, so first time driver insurance premiums will usually be higher. If you're on a budget, look for vehicles with a reputation for safety and security, or those with smaller engines, to keep your costs down. To help get you started, here's a handy list of our top ten cars for the best first car insurance.

Blue Ford Ka

1. Ford Ka

Ford’s iconic Ka was first launched back in 1996, and its unique looks and enjoyable driving performance made it one of the brand’s biggest success stories – particularly in the UK. It was also surprisingly cheap, and newer Ka models remain as competitively-priced as ever. With an entry-level engine capacity of just 1.2 litres and a great range of safety features, insurance premiums for the Ka work out to be as affordable as the vehicle itself, even if you’re a first-time owner.

Red Nissan micra

2. Nissan Micra

One of the most popular supermini hatchbacks on the market since 1983, Nissan’s Micra has been through all kinds of aesthetic redesigns over the years. But the model has always retained its basic affordability. The entry-level 1.0-litre engine is as powerful as most owners will need for everyday city driving, and its small capacity makes it a satisfyingly cheap car to insure. You’ll also love the great fuel efficiency and excellent safety tech, and it handles surprisingly smoothly for a vehicle of its price point.

Orange Volkswagen Polo

3. Volkswagen Polo

In production since 1975, the Volkswagen Polo is one of the German manufacturer’s flagship models. It’s a practical supermini, usually in a hatchback style, and is one of the best all-rounders on the market. The interior is a particular standout, with the comfort, material quality, and boot space you’d expect from a vehicle at a much higher price point. There’s also some advanced tech upgrades available, and you can choose from several different engines. Even the smaller engines offer decent power, as well as great efficiency and affordable first time driver insurance.

Red Citroen C1

4. Citroen C1

One of the French manufacturer’s newest cars, the Citroen C1 was first launched in 2005, and has made a major impression since then. Newer models boast a fun, quirky style that commands a lot more attention than your average compact city car, and all this style comes at a pleasingly low price point. Delivering great fuel efficiency with its small 1.0-litre engine, the C1 will allow you to keep running costs manageable, as will its low insurance premiums.

White smart forfour

5. Smart ForFour

If you’re looking for a small runabout that will make everyday city driving a breeze, the Smart ForFour is hard to beat. Its compact size makes it incredibly easy to manoeuvre, and you’ll be able to slip into the smallest parking spots. Despite the ForFour’s diminutive dimensions, the German brand hasn’t skimped on interior space. The suspension is also tuned to give you as comfortable a ride as possible. Usually falling into the cheapest insurance band in the UK, this is an ideal car for first-timers.

White Volkswagen Up!

6. Volkswagen Up!

First launched in 2011, Volkswagen’s Up is an award-winning city car that offers cutting-edge, eye-catching design in a compact package. It’s also a great vehicle to bomb around town in, with a tight turning circle, extremely responsive handling, excellent grip and well-balanced suspension. The car’s entry-level engine isn’t the fastest at this price point, but it provides a decent amount of power for its 1.0-litre capacity. And if you’re a particularly eco-conscious buyer, you can opt for a greener electric version: the e-Up. When it comes to models with the best first car insurance, this is an ideal choice.

Red Rover Mini

7. Rover Mini

One of the icons of the UK’s Swinging Sixties culture and of modern city driving, the Rover Mini has gone through several reinventions over the years. The last versions of the Rover Mini, produced before the Mini brand was taken over and updated by BMW, are still among the most enjoyable and stylish models available for a first-timer on a budget. A tight turning circle makes them ideal for navigating city streets and finding parking spots. Meanwhile, the 1.2-litre petrol engine delivers plenty of speed for motorway drives, while still keeping you in a low insurance group.

White Seat Mii

8. SEAT Mii

A rebadged version of the Volkswagen Up, the SEAT Mii is a similarly stylish and convenient city car. You’ll love the Mii’s practicality. A decent amount of boot space and a cosy interior makes it ideal for everyday journeys, even with a couple of kids in the back. Since 2020, the vehicle’s petrol engines have been replaced in the UK with all-electric versions, which offer great economy without sacrificing speed and driving enjoyment. This is one of the cheapest of the newer city cars on the market, for both buying and insuring.

Skoda Citigo

9. Skoda Citigo

Manufactured as part of the VW Group range, the Skoda Citigo is a chic, affordable city car based on the same foundation as the VW Up and the Seat Mii. Interior space is a lot larger than you might expect from its compact dimensions, and the 250 litres of boot space will be particularly welcome if you’re bringing the family along for the ride. Besides its relatively small petrol engine, the Citigo’s excellent safety rating and impressive reliability record make it one of the cheapest cars to insure.

Red Peugeot 108

10. Peugeot 108

First released back in 2011, the 108 is Peugeot’s main contender in the affordable city car market, and it offers a lot more aesthetic appeal than most of its competitors. Personalisation options are plentiful – you can choose a three-door or five-door body and various two-tone colour schemes, and you can even get a trendy canvas roof for a little extra cash. As well as being a cheap vehicle for first-timers to insure, the Peugeot 108 offers even more savings due to the great fuel efficiency of its 1.0-litre engine.

Any of the options on this list will be an ideal way to start your journey into car ownership, and you’ll avoid the high first car insurance premiums that can be a real pitfall for newbies. If you’re not worrying about the costs of driving, you can really enjoy the freedom and fun that it provides. Head out on the roads in a safe, secure, and reliable vehicle – and before you know it, you’ll have the driving experience under your belt to get an even better deal on your insurance.

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