Audi R8 Review

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4.5 rating

The Audi R8 combines superb handling with supercar performance, making it a dream to drive. From its introduction in 2007, it’s been firmly established as an impressive, high-performance everyday car with sophisticated styling. This two-door sports car is available in Coupe and Spyder variants, each offering high-powered V8 or V10 engines depending on the model and year. With the satisfying purr of a responsive, powerful engine and magnificent 0-60 acceleration, it’s the ideal choice if you’re looking for something special in your next car.

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What we think about the Audi R8

There are very few cars on the market that offer a real wow factor, but the Audi R8 is one of them. As well as thrilling power, it manages to provide a touch of practicality, too – a tough balance to achieve.



High-powered performance engines


Everyday drivability


Quattro four-wheel-drive


High purchase and running costs

Lacking in some safety features

Not much luggage space

The Audi R8 is available in Standard, Plus, and LMX trims for models up to 2014 and Standard, Plus, and Performance trims from 2015 onwards. Regardless of which trim you choose, you can find Quattro four-wheel-drive options and you can select between the Coupe and the convertible Spyder model. Looking for raw power? The Coupe Performance trim has an impressive 611 bhp.

Driving performance of the Audi R8

Our Driving Rating9 / 10

The V10 engines in the Audi R8 are the star of the show when it comes to performance. 0-60 acceleration is comfortably reached in less than 4 seconds. Handling is aided by its Quattro four-wheel-drive, and the R8 has the benefit of an impressively responsive automatic gearbox. This excellent drive-feel is topped off by the nimble suspension, making for a solid, grippy ride. The R8 also has a variety of driving modes, including a manual override that allows you to adjust the car’s responses for your driving pleasure.

Safety and reliability of the Audi R8

Our Safety Rating6 / 10

From an established manufacturer with engineering expertise, you can expect the Audi R8 to have solid reliability. It shares mechanical parts with the Lamborghini Huracan and its virtual cockpit is fitted as standard in cars from 2015 onwards. The R8 admittedly lacks some advanced safety technology, but it does have a strong body shell, active rollover protection and electronic stability control, which are all reassuring. The Quattro four-wheel-drive system provides excellent handling that will assist even the most novice of drivers on the road.

Under the bonnet of the Audi R8

Our Engine Rating10 / 10

The Audi R8 was built first with V8 engines, moving to a V10 from 2015. These engines aren’t turbocharged, making them highly responsive with minimal lag. In fact, this V10 is also used in the Lamborghini Huracan – not too surprising when you hear the thrilling sound and experience the supreme performance on offer. Pleasingly, it does quieten down to a satisfying purr when cruising at a gentler pace. Even with the standard trim, you’ll achieve 532-562 bhp, and you’ll find an exhilarating 611 bhp on the Performance models, making every iteration of the R8 a road car worthy of its supercar status.

What you'll find in the Audi R8

Our Design Rating9 / 10

Stylish and sophisticated, the R8 launched Audi into the sports car marketplace, and its combination of sleek design and high-performance engineering puts it up there with the most loved supercars. Constructed from an aluminium and carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer blend, the R8 is extremely strong and light. Upgrades include a carbon fibre front spoiler and large fixed rear spoiler, with Plus and Performance models including the preferred ceramic brakes. Special editions that include 20″ wheels and aerodynamic adjustments to sharpen its styling have been made throughout the various models, so look out for these when shopping around.

Comfort and interiors in the Audi R8

Our Comfort Rating7 / 10

For a two-seater sports car the Audi R8 is relatively spacious, with good seat and steering wheel adjustment and cushioned sports seats as standard. The front boot space is 122 litres with a small amount of storage available inside the cabin. A multi-function steering wheel offers great ease-of-use, and you can expect Audi’s signature sleek, minimalist design. You’ll find its virtual cockpit design on Plus-trim and later models, along with a state-of-the-art infotainment system in the latest generation.

Audi R8 interior dashboard

What features you'll find in the Audi R8

Our Features Rating9 / 10

Audi have nailed the luxury supercar vibe with every aspect of the R8, and the features are no exception. Premium tech comes as standard, including LED headlights, leather heated seats, and 19-inch aluminium wheels. Plus and Performance models offer sport bucket seats, cruise control and a fixed rear spoiler, with standard models having an electric pop-up version. Ceramic brakes and a performance mode button (for superior handling) feature on Plus and Performance versions, just in case things weren’t sporty enough already.

What fuel efficiency to expect from the Audi R8

Our Fuel Consumption Rating7 / 10

When buying a supercar, fuel efficiency is not usually top of your wish list. However, the Audi R8 reaches over 20 mpg across its core models. That’s not bad for such a high-powered vehicle, and it’s comparable to others in the same performance range. The latest R8 Coupe, from 2015 onwards, offers the best mpg at up to 22.2 mpg. The Plus and Performance models are still able to maintain the same range despite having higher bhp. As you’d expect from a supercar, all models of the R8 are petrol-powered.

Running costs of the Audi R8

Our Cost Rating6 / 10

There’s no doubt that the Audi R8 is at the upper end of the market when it comes to running costs and initial purchase price. Its high performance and powerful engine mean that the annual road tax is currently pretty steep, and its insurance group is 50. Even after the initial purchase, you’re going to keep paying for that oh-so-good feeling on the road. You’ll also want to maintain performance and reliability with regular servicing, and it’ll cost a good deal more than on your average car. Again, all standard stuff for a supercar, but worth keeping in mind.

Our verdict of the Audi R8

4.5 rating

4.5 / 5 Gumtree rating

If you're looking for a car that will provide an effortless drive with responsive and awe-inspiring power, the Audi R8 could be the right choice for you.