Audi A7 Review

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4.5 rating

The Audi A7 has been gracing UK roads since 2010, and it was rebooted as a mild hybrid in 2019. It’s a five-door executive sedan, with space in the backseat for passengers to stretch out in comfort. Both petrol and diesel models are reasonably priced for such a premium vehicle. You’ll find it stylish yet commanding, and it’s well-suited to cruising along the open road. Inside, it’s equally classy and luxurious, with a range of state-of-the-art features and a pleasingly suave design.

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What we think about the Audi A7

The Audi A7 is a premium sedan with classy looks and plenty of space.



Backseat is comfortable for adults


Quick on the motorway so great for long trips


Handsome, stylish exterior


Feels big on corners

Expensive to run

The 2018 Audi A7 Ultra TDi comfortably seats five and has five doors. Its diesel engine does 60 mpg. The Quattro varient is identical except for having all-wheel-drive and rating at 53 mpg. It’s also available in other trims such as S Line and Black Edition, offering a range of additional features and colours.

Driving performance of the Audi A7

Our Driving Rating8 / 10

The Audi A7 is well-suited to motorway driving, cruising serenely and making long journeys seem shorter. It’s steady and well-paced, offering a driving experience that’s speedy yet refined. Body roll is very well controlled, but you’ll still notice its large size on tight corners. While a tiny bit flatter feeling on two-wheel-drive variants, the steering is fun and engaging on all-wheel-drive models. Both the optional air suspension and standard steel spring version offer great control and a luxuriously comfortable ride, though.

Safety and reliability of the Audi A7

Our Safety Rating8 / 10

It’s no surprise that the Audi A7 achieved the maximum safety rating of five stars from Euro NCAP, thanks to its range of top-quality active safety systems and full complement of airbags. These active safety systems include automatic emergency braking and speed assistance, with newer models featuring adaptive cruise control and pedestrian and cyclist detection. Isofix car seat attachment points are standard, too. The A7 is fairly reliable, and most common faults occur in non-engine electrics, so are easy to detect and repair.

Under the bonnet of the Audi A7

Our Engine Rating8 / 10

There’s a range of engines on offer for the Audi A7, including 3.0-litre diesel and 4.0-litre petrol models. All A7s built in 2019 or later are mild hybrids, meaning they have an electric motor that can be charged up by the engine and then used for driving assistance to make the car more efficient. All pre-2019 models are available in all-wheel drive versions (Audi call it Quattro), aside from those with the Ultra trim. The pre-2019 front-wheel-drive model with a 3.0-litre engine has a top speed of 149 mph and does 0-60 mph in 7.3 seconds, boasting 215 bhp.

What you'll find in the Audi A7

Our Design Rating9 / 10

The Audi A7 brings sedan-level practicality in a car that’s almost coupe-shaped. It’s large yet sleek, and is distinguished by its sharp lines and signature “boat tail”. Models with the S-line trim are equally stylish but slightly more aggressive on the outside, and they feature LED headlights. It’s available in nineteen colours, including some with metallic finishes, though about five of those nineteen seem to be shades of black. The A7 has an imposing stature at 4.97m long, with a 2.93m wheelbase.

Comfort and interiors in the Audi A7

Our Comfort Rating8 / 10

Inside, the A7 blends futuristic design with luxury and comfort, creating a gorgeous upmarket interior made of high-quality materials. The backseat has plenty of leg and shoulder room for three passengers, though taller adults may find the headroom tight. There’s plenty of boot space, too, as well as a wealth of cupholders and pockets for convenient in-cabin storage. Models made in 2019 or later have a slightly larger interior, and the dashboard design has been sharpened up and made even easier to use.

What features you'll find in the Audi A7

Our Features Rating9 / 10

The A7 contains all the high-end features you’d expect from Audi: newer models have smart opening, keyless entry and start, adaptive suspension and heated sports front seats as standard. Older models have slightly less standard kit, but what is included is of the usual, excellent Audi quality. There’s a space-saver spare wheel on all models – you’ll know how useful that can be if you’ve ever tried to fix a puncture with an inflation kit in a hurry. With the A7, a larger number before the TFSI or TDI badge means a fancier trim – extras include illuminated seatbelt buckles and a sixteen-speaker sound system.

What fuel efficiency to expect from the Audi A7

Our Fuel Consumption Rating8 / 10

Older models of the Audi A7 are reasonably efficient, with the smallest diesels rated at 60 mpg and with carbon dioxide emissions at 122 g/km. The largest older petrol models are still acceptable, rating at 29 mpg with 220 g/km of carbon dioxide emissions. If you’re looking for efficiency, though, go for one of the post-2019 mild hybrid models. The 2.0-litre petrol mild hybrids are rated as doing 41 mpg with 154 g/km of emissions, while the diesels tend to achieve around 50 mpg with 123 g/km of emissions.

Running costs of the Audi A7

Our Cost Rating7 / 10

Though it’s not a cheap car, the A7 isn’t especially expensive by premium car standards. It holds its value well and comes with three years of warranty when bought new. Servicing is costly, particularly at Audi dealerships, but some offer pre-priced plans which can save you some cash. Older models tend to fall in the insurance group range of 37-48, depending on age, trim and engine size, and it’s likely that newer models will be rated similarly.

Our verdict of the Audi A7

4.5 rating

4.5 / 5 Gumtree rating

The Audi A7 is a handsome premium sedan that's brimming with space and luxury. It's upmarket and well-paced, though better suited to motorways than country roads.