Audi A4 Review

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4.0 rating

It’s a busy marketplace these days, but the Audi A4 has been a serious contender amongst executive compact saloons since its launch in 1994. Audi established the A4 as the best-of-both-worlds alternative to the other big German names – the comfort-first Mercedes C-Class and the all-for-the-sport BMW 3-series – and it paid off. The car is still among the best-selling Audi models around the globe. With a variety of trims and variants, there are plenty of ways to balance price-point and features. With the kids in tow or on a solo weekend jaunt, road-tripping with the A4 delivers the joy of driving without compromising on comfort.

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What we think about the Audi A4

The Audi A4 brings practicality, precision engineering and prim looks together, making it one of the most recognizable premium all-rounders on the road.



High-quality, roomy interiors


Packed with standard tech and safety features


Smooth and quiet on the road


Firm suspension

Could handle corners better

No hybrid variant

Both the Saloon and Avant variants are available in 4 trims – Technik, Sport, S Line and Black Edition. Be it petrol or diesel, 2.0-litre engines are the most popular across the 5 generations, especially the B8 generation from 2008 and onwards. There’s no doubt that sportier versions perform better – however, where the base-level 2.0 litre Diesel Technick lacks in power, it makes up for in fuel-efficiency.

Driving performance of the Audi A4

Our Driving Rating8 / 10

From B8 generations onward, even the entry-level diesel variants handle speed like champs – smooth and quiet all the way through. Though there might be some initial hesitation to pick up the pace in automatic models, that has more to do with the gearbox than the engine. In the newest generations, most A4s come with automatic transmission, but manual transmission is available on the entry-level variants. As for the suspension, it does feel a bit stiff around the corners at higher speeds but it’s nothing to complain about.

Safety and reliability of the Audi A4

Our Safety Rating7 / 10

Audi has always rated quite highly in terms of safety and unsurprisingly the A4 has performed well in Euro NCAP safety ratings. The standard kit, even for lower variant cars from 2008 onwards, includes anti-lock brakes, Electronic Stability Program, and traction control – which allows the car to automatically adjust to road conditions like gravel and rain. The higher Vorsprung variant gets a collision-avoidance system where the car automatically brakes before a crash. Driver side, passenger and curtain airbags have been standard on all cars since the 2004 B7 generation. In terms of reliability, there have been reports of issues with vibration, but a well-oiled and well-maintained machine should pose no such problems.

Under the bonnet of the Audi A4

Our Engine Rating7 / 10

All 2.0 litre and below engines use the trusted I4 4-cylinder configuration, with anywhere between 120 and 190 horsepower depending on the variant and generation. 0-60 speeds are the most impressive on the 4-wheel Quattro version, clocking in at a respectable 8.0 seconds in the B8 generation and an impressive 5.8 seconds in the B9 (2015-) generation. The higher-end V6 3.0-litre versions are somewhat lacking compared to their rivals, but remain thrill-inducing nonetheless. If you do prefer diesel, the mid-spec 35 TDI variants clock in well at 8.0 seconds.

What you'll find in the Audi A4

Our Design Rating8 / 10

The overall appeal of the Audi A4 has been consistent since the B7 (2004-2009) generation, but Audi really amped up those distinctive looks in the most popular B8 generation. The signature LED lights, alloy wheels and larger-than-life grills make the A4 a no-compromise stunner when it comes to design. The muscular aesthetic on the estate variant is unmissable on the highways, but when it comes to style, the S Line and the Black Edition take it over the top with the bigger wheels and lower suspension.

Comfort and interiors in the Audi A4

Our Comfort Rating8 / 10

The good looks on the outside carry over very well to the A4’s interiors. Although feature-heavy, Audi manages to pack everything neatly with no clutter. The control system comes with chrome clasping from the 2012 generation, setting the car a class apart in terms of quality. In the latest models, the much-loved rotary control system has been replaced by a 10.1″ digital screen – the aptly named Virtual Cockpit. The plush interior’s dimensions are designed to handle four adults comfortably, with enough legroom and headspace for taller passengers to feel comfy. If you’re packing for a trip, keep in mind that the saloon variant won’t be quite as helpful for carrying bulky items but the 480-litre boot space is competitive to other cars in its class.

Silver Audi A4 interior

What features you'll find in the Audi A4

Our Features Rating8 / 10

In terms of features and specs, the A4 does not disappoint – even with the baseline variants. 17″ alloy wheels, LED headlights with daytime running and three-zone climate control are standard across all variants since 2011. If you are looking to splurge a bit more for comfort and style, the bigger alloy wheels and leather-seating are worth the extra price on the S4 line.

A tip for used car buyers: be careful that the Xenon lights on the S variant are working properly prior to purchasing, as they can be expensive to replace.

What fuel efficiency to expect from the Audi A4

Our Fuel Consumption Rating7 / 10

For a sports saloon, the Audi A4 is relatively frugal, especially since 2015’s start-stop feature provided significant fuel efficiency improvements. The 2.0 TDI diesel variant has proved most popular over time, since it performs best in terms of both fuel efficiency and emissions. But between petrol variants, there isn’t much difference across generations. If you’re unsure about the 4-wheel drive Quattro for efficiency reasons, don’t worry – there really isn’t much of a loss there. One thing to note is that the car does age well and most owners say they are happy with its fuel consumption even after extended use.

Running costs of the Audi A4

Our Cost Rating7 / 10

From 2015 onwards, maintenance on the A4 is recommended every two years or 19,000 km. And for the older generations, you would want to get the standard maintenance done every year with a major maintenance every two years. Typically, maintenance would cost somewhere between the £150 to £300 range for the smaller engines, and up to £400 for the bigger V6. The diesel version requires a cambelt change every five years, which could cost about £500. Keep in mind that as part of the luxury car bracket, insurance costs could be on the higher side – so prepare to do some shopping.

Our verdict of the Audi A4

4.0 rating

4 / 5 Gumtree rating

Be it regular or occasional use, family or solo drives, the Audi is a reliable machine that won't disappoint in terms of practicality, comfort or just good old fashioned class.