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From the TT to the Q3, Audi is German car manufacturing royalty. Along with the R8 and other sporty all-stars, you’ll find hatchbacks like the A3 and SUVs like the Q2 in its luxury range. Check out our detailed reviews and buying guides for Audi if you’re still unsure what you’re after.

Search for the Audi of your choice and browse model overviews, along with a list of private sellers and dealers near you. Check out the reviews section to understand what to look for while purchasing a pre-owned Audi.

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silver Audi A2 exterior

Audi A2 Review

4.0 rating
black audi A8 body

Audi A8 Review

4.5 rating
blue audi a1 body

Audi A1 Review

4.0 rating
blue audi eTron exterior

Audi e-tron Review

4.0 rating
Silver Audi A6 body

Audi A6 Review

4.5 rating
Orange Audi Q8

Audi Q8 Review

4.5 rating
Grey audi A7

Audi A7 Review

4.5 rating
Red Audi TT exterior

Audi TT Review

4.0 rating
Silver Audi Q5 front exterior

Audi Q5 Review

4.5 rating
Silver Audi A5 front exterior

Audi A5 Review

4.0 rating
Red Audi Q2 front exterior

Audi Q2 Review

4.0 rating
Grey Audi Q7 exterior

Audi Q7 Review

4.0 rating
Silver Audi R8 driving

Audi R8 Review

4.5 rating
Blue Audi Q3 exterior

Audi Q3 Review

4.0 rating
Blue Audi A3 front exterior

Audi A3 Review

4.0 rating
Silver Audi A4 driving in mud

Audi A4 Review

4.0 rating

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