What to do After Selling a Car

So you've sold your car – great! But whether you've already replaced it, got another one on the way, or aren't planning on getting another one, you might be wondering: what do I need to do after selling my car? This article takes you through the steps you'll need to complete with a sold car so that the process is finished. The information given here is relevant whether you've sold the car to a dealer or a private individual.

selling a car

Check everything is completed correctly

The first thing to do after selling a car is to check that the process has been done properly. Make sure you’ve covered all of the following:

  • Check you’ve handed over all sets of keys and any accessories you agreed to include
  • Double check the new owner has any paperwork or manuals relating to the car
  • Make sure you and the buyer each have a copy of a buyer’s/seller’s contract or receipt with the car details on

You should also note down the buyer’s contact details in case you need them in the future.

Inform the DVLA of the change of ownership

The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), or the DVA in Northern Ireland, are the government body responsible for keeping track of all the cars on UK roads. Once you’ve agreed to sell your car, you’ll need to fill out the change of ownership sections of the V5C. Tear off the green ‘new keeper’ slip and give it to the new owner. You’re also responsible for informing the DVLA of the new owner’s details – you can do this by posting the V5C back to them, or via an online form. Once they’ve processed the new keeper information, the DVLA will issue the new owner with a new V5C and refund you any tax remaining on the car.

Cancel your insurance

You don’t need insurance for a car you don’t own – so call your insurer or contact them online to cancel it. Even if you’re replacing the car right away, getting new insurance for your new car is likely to work out as better value than transferring over your old deal. Getting insurance for a new car is also a good time to shop around and check you’re getting the best deal.

Check if the car has any warranty remaining

If your car has any remaining warranty, this should automatically be transferred to the new owner. It’s worth reading over any warranty paperwork, though, in case you’re required to sign anywhere or inform the manufacturer of the change of ownership.

There’s a little bit of paperwork to do after you sell your car, but this guide should help you handle the main hurdles. For more information on specific areas such as buyer’s/seller’s contracts, check out our other advice guide articles.

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