Ten advantages of buying a used car

Three-quarters of all cars bought in the UK are used cars. But why buy a used car? There are lots of great reasons why buying used is a better option than buying new. Read on to find out why going second hand could help you find your perfect car.

Advantages of buying a used car

1. Lots of choice

Roughly eight million used cars are sold every year in the UK, so there are plenty of options out there. Extras like roof rails and leather seats don’t add much to the price of used cars but can mean extra fees on new models, so shop around and you’re sure to find plenty of in-budget options with all the features you need.

2. They’re cheaper

Unless you’re shopping for a vintage collector’s item, used cars are cheaper than new ones. It’s likely you’ll be able to find a car that’s a good fit for you at a great price on the used market, as long as you don’t have your heart set on a model that’s brand new for this year.

3. Avoid depreciation

Used cars cost less and keep their value better. Depreciation means that most new cars are worth 20% less as soon as they’ve left the showroom, and most are worth about half as much as their new price by the time they’re three years old. This makes it much cheaper to buy a used car, and also means that if you want to sell it later, you’ll lose less money compared to if you’d bought a new car.

4. Warranty

If you buy a used car from a dealer, it will probably come with a warranty that protects you from having to shell out to fix unexpected issues. If you’re buying a fairly new car from a private seller, there’s a chance it may still be under warranty too – it’s always worth checking. Buying used doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll miss out on the benefits of a good warranty.

5. Lower insurance costs

You almost always get cheaper insurance when buying a used car than for a similar brand-new model. This can help you save some cash on ongoing costs as well as saving on the headline price of the car.

6. Cheaper tax

Brand new cars always cost more to tax, and cars registered after 2017 often also carry slightly higher tax premiums – so buying used can help you make a saving here as well. To be sure it’s within your budget, always double-check the cost of taxing a car before you commit to buying it.

7. Save on spare parts

It’s often easier for garages and mechanics to get spare parts for used or older cars, helping keep the cost of any work down. Even the most reliable second-hand cars will need new brake discs and other small parts occasionally.

8. Ready for you

New cars are often built or finished to order, meaning there can be several weeks’ delay between signing the deal and getting to drive away. Most used cars are ready to go as soon as you’ve sorted the paperwork, so you can buy knowing you’ll have it for when you need it.

9. Cars are more reliable than ever

If you’re worried about reliability, you’ll be glad to know that modern cars are much more reliable than those built a few decades ago. Lots of manufacturers have really upped their game to build cars that last. Check out our detailed reviews to find out more about particular models or have a look at the service history of any car you’re considering buying.

10. Know what you’re getting

One of the biggest risks of buying a used car is that you don’t know what’s happened to it in the past. But reading the service history, getting it looked over by a professional or getting a history check are great ways to make sure you know what you’re buying.

There are loads of advantages to buying a used car, from lower prices to more choice and easier repairs. Get busy finding your next set of wheels and check out the great range of used models on Gumtree today.

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