Create a cotton reel storage using a former printer’s tray

Cotton Reel and Vicky's Top Tips

Create a cotton reel storage using a former printer’s trayBy Vicky Myers

Printer’ trays come in all shapes and sizes so check out the size of the little compartments. For many years this particular tray has been hanging in my in laws home storing various knick-knacks. I am delighted to rehome it.

This printer’s tray is not the best quality plus it has some water damage causing staining. But that doesn't matter! It doesn’t need to be super strong to hold cotton reels.

The staining prompted me to consider options to give the tray a fresh lease of life. I decided to paint the back section with white paint. Ideally, I would have removed the backboard, painted it and reattached. However, I was not convinced it would successfully go back together.

I suggest using chalk paint as it is a versatile paint which happily covers untreated wood, drying to a matt finish.

A gentle white is the natural colour to show off the colours of the cotton reels, great for display purposes and ideal for selecting the right colour when sewing!

Using a steady hand paint each section of the back board, two coats should do it.

Fill with cotton reels and display – a quick and effective project.

Vicky's 5 top upcycling tips:

Be creative – need some new storage? What do you have in the shed? Can it be repurposed?

Ask - Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and neighbours for supplies. Large gifted quantities of denim can be used to create a rag quilt, you don’t need to be a skilled sewer.

Recycle, items heading for the bin can be transformed to serve a new life. Such as light bulbs as Christmas baubles, baking trays as pin boards

Brainstorm, and talk through your creative ideas. Talking through a project first, step by step, helps refine the design.

Make mistakes – it really doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. Try mixing different medium, the results may surprise you