How to make an upcycled portable picnic basketBy Max McMurdo

With the summer of sport happening right now, make your picnics in the park or in your local fan zone even more enjoyable with this upcycled portable picnic basket.

You will need:

  • 1 x bicycle
  • Plywood offcuts
  • Wood pallet
  • 2 x leather belts
  • 1 x tablecloth
  • 1 x sliding bevel
  • 1 x panel saw
  • 1 x hinge
  • 2 x leather straps
  • Clamps
  • Electric sander
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Holesaw
  • Nail gun


Step 1: Measure the cross member of your bike using a sliding bevel

Step 2: Mark the dimensions out on a piece of plywood

Step 3: Clamp the plywood down

Step 4: Cut your plywood with a panel saw

Step 5: Sand down your piece of plywood so it is smooth

Step 6: Cut your wood pallet so they measure against each side of the piece of pallet wood

Step 7: Draw around your first plywood shape on another piece of plywood so you have 2 shapes of identical size

Step 8: Apply a coupe of layers of chalkboard paint to your design

Step 9: Using a piece of wood pallet, use a holesaw to drill a hole for wine bottles to sit in

Step 10: Use a hammer or a nail gun to nail the pieces together

Step 11: Cut and staple your table clothes to the inside of the door panel

Step 12: Drill a hole through the centre of your straps and bolt them to the side of your picnic box

Step 13: nail the centre of your belt to the back of your picnic box

Don't forget the below:

  • Wear goggles
  • Wear the right grade of dust mask
  • Gloves – only when handling sharp items
  • Clamp materials down when cutting and drilling
  • Have fun!

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