Rehoming a kitten

If it's time to say goodbye to your litter of kittens, be as sure as you can they're going to a loving home where they'll get everything they need.

Read our tips below...

Make sure your kittens are old enough

Only sell kittens that are at least eight weeks old. Any younger and taking them away from their mother can lead to behavioural problems. Make sure the potential owner sees the kitten with its mother, and the rest of their litter.

Quiz the potential new owners

Not every type or breed of kitten behaves in the same way, so it’s important that potential new owners understand that. Check that they know how to look after a kitten properly and have the right lifestyle to look after it well. It’ also important they understand how much a kitten costs to keep.

Do they understand different breeds?

When the potential owners visit, talk them through your breed of kitten. Make sure they understand their health and habits. If there are any problems associated with your breed, now's the time to explain.

Never sell the whole litter to one person. And if you can, check the ID of the person looking to buy.

Focus on your kitten's health and happiness

You know your kitten better than anyone so make sure you tell the new owner everything you can about the kitten. In that way, they have all the information they need to care for the kitten. They can then give it the love, space and companionship it needs If they don’t seem interested in what you are telling them, may be they are not the right person for your kitten. If so, wait until someone more suitable comes along.

Health comes first

If your kitten is over four months old, think about neutering them. Not only does it prevent unwanted pregnancies. It can reduce their urine marking and roaming. It also reduces the risk of certain cancers in both sexes. Make sure that you have vaccinated your kitten, and have your vet documents and medical history ready for the new owners.

Ask your vet

If you need more advice about selling your kitten, speak to your local vet. They can talk to you about neutering, vaccinating, microchipping and lots more.

Take natural pictures

If you're looking to sell your kitten through an advert, photograph them in their natural surroundings. Leave Mum and kittens together for photos.

You can say no

You have the overall choice to who has your kitten – don’t feel you need to say yes to the first person that views him. Wait until you know you have found someone who will nurture and cherish your kitten.

Posting on Gumtree

If you're posting an ad for your kitten on our site, take a look at posting an ad for details about what you can and can't do.

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A fresh start in life

There are thousands of wonderful animals in the UK looking for a new start. A number of charities advertise these pets on Gumtree, but you can also visit PAAG member sites directly.